wartime prayer for the new normal

A Wartime Prayer for the New Normal

A wartime prayer for the new Normal

O Lord, hear our prayer! We are pushed and prodded by those who seek to deprive mankind of every last shred of dignity and humanity. We are in the biggest psyop the world has ever seen, as the Beast stirs for the final battle. Those of us who have ears to hear and eyes to see know that his mark is going to be forced on us soon, so we pray for you to come quickly. Maranatha!

The new normal they planned for us is not your plan for your people, Lord. Help us prevent it. Fill us with hope and resilience in the days of the final battle. May we be on the side of Truth, every step of the way, and not engage in the false divisive tactics of the enemy. Help us to stay rooted in your Word and filled with your Holy Spirit.

Awaken those still sleeping and help them see that they no longer have to live in fear: there is no asymptomatic transmission; facemasks and lockdowns are not keeping anybody safe, and – most importantly – all-cause mortality levels are completely normal which wouldn’t be possible if we were caught up in an actual pandemic.

Lord, protect us all from unsafe vaccines and the luciferase permanent tracking device they wish to use with them, which will be the literal Mark of the Beast. Help everyone understand that there is no philanthropy involved in the development of vaccines; it is all about depopulation and control of the remaining population.

Open the eyes of your children to see that the people who are funding the ‘news’ that continues to brainwash them, are the same people who get a 20 to 1 return on their investment for unsafe vaccines. They are also the same people who do all they can to keep people from gaining natural immunity through the right nutrients, sunshine and fresh air, claiming we all have to rely on pills and needles instead.

Help your church to be the royal priesthood that you have called us to be during this difficult time. Anoint healers, prophets, prayer warriors and evangelists who are not afraid to go out there, even during lockdowns, proclaiming the truth, seeding hope and healing people. Lift the lingering fear some of your children have so that we can start gathering again, singing your praise and lifting each other up in prayer.

Those of us who are willing to lay our lives on the line against the NWO Cabal don’t have the money and resources they do but we have you, Lord. You who are the Alpha and Omega, send your Holy Spirit and all the heavenly hosts to fight against lies, tyranny, surveillance slavery and corruption.

Rouse all your children from sleep or apathy and fill us with courage, for ‘For God has not given us a spirit of cowardice, but of power, and of love, and of self-control.’

The only ‘new normal’ we are willing to accept is more of you, Lord. The darkness gathers pace and so must we. Help us to organise against this evil that we now have to fight in more than one dimension. Guide us to come together as One in your Holy Name!

Unmask and unlock your people, Lord!