spirit of python deliverance

Spirit of Python Deliverance

When I first heard of a spirit of python deliverance, it was in the context of Doreen Virtue’s conversion to Christianity and her renouncing everything that I, at the time, held dear. As I recall, I mocked her for it–Not my proudest moment. It was actually pretty odd that I mocked her for it since I know full well that demons are real. Something else was working through my dad when he started beating me. And something else was living in our home. As a young child, I could see them.

In December 2022, I started watching deliverance videos. After watching a few, I started praying along. And guess what? It worked. I got rid of the spirit of Leviathan and some sleep-related spirits that I feel were very much generational. They had definitely been with me since childhood. I also got rid of a spirit of anger that I also believe was generational.

But I still did not believe it was possible that I could have a spirit of python. Nope, not me. I had done everything by myself and worked hard to be able to interpret the cards and other systems of divination. It had nothing to do with spirits and everything to do with my gift and calling. Also, since I started falling back in love with Jesus, I didn’t want to go down the legalistic route, nor did I wish to lose my income. Yet, deep down I knew that in spite of the previous deliverances, I wasn’t free.

When I started a spiritual water fast four days ago, the sense of being oppressed started growing. Last night, I could barely breathe because of it. I’m fasting with a church that does deliverances on YouTube, partly because of how they had already helped me but mostly because, as soon I heard of the fast, I knew God was calling me to take part in it.

The Spirit of Python

So this morning, I was watching a video that had a deliverance prayer for the spirit of python. I had been aware of the video for a few days but I had put off watching it, in spite of feeling God nudge me to do it. This morning, I thought, ‘What’s the harm? If there is no spirit of python in me, nothing will happen and I can keep doing what I do best.’

Well, not only did something come out of me but it was by far the most physically manifest deliverance I have experienced. My body was hissing and convulsing until the spirit came out with a whimper… and then came the tears. Both of my dogs came and jumped up on me to comfort me. It was a really sweet moment in both a transcendent and a mundane way.

I have been praying since the start of the year, even before the fast began, that God would show me His will for my life. I was tired of my pride and obstinance. And I was sick of feeling like I was going around in circles. As I drew closer to God, I started seeing the futility of what I was doing. I started asking myself if what I did was for the Highest Good. Most importantly, my heart was no longer in it. Yet I felt obliged to continue.

On a psychological level, I suppose you could argue that I had fallen prey to the sunk cost fallacy. Yet that sneaking suspicion that there was something more at play would not leave me alone.

Trying to Break Free

And that is not so strange considering I tried to escape from the New Age and the occult in 2020. I remember when I was baptised in the sea at Saltburn-by-the-Sea that the pastor prayed that I would be free from witchcraft. There was a voice inside my head that mockingly laughed and said, ‘You really think that’s all it will take?’ It registered briefly but then I forgot all about that evil voice inside me until I humbled myself and started this 21-day water fast.

Of course, it wasn’t long after that baptism that I started gradually sliding back into witchcraft. I even started working with ‘deities’ that definitely did not have my best interests at heart.

Sometime in the summer of 2022, I joined an online prayer circle. At the time, I was not interested in Jesus. But the other two members were. Eventually, my resistance and rebellion against Him started breaking down. I started drawing closer day by day in the autumn of 2022. It was at snail’s pace and I certainly had no intention of stopping my divinatory practice. Although by that time, I had stopped my witchcraft practice, minus Reiki.

One of the things that made me less and less interested in the New Age and occult practices was actually my deep dive into Reiki in 2022. Reiki was just so powerless compared to the healings I had seen performed by the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. Yet I kept justifying my involvement, mainly because I felt abandoned by God and as if He had taken the gift of healing away from me. (That’s a story for another time.)

Hearing His Voice

My ego self was terrified as I was sobbing after the deliverance. ‘I don’t know what to do with this,’ I told the Lord. How do even begin putting things right? His voice was so soothing and loving that my heart immediately filled up with love. The storm brewing inside me subsided instantly when I heard Him say, ‘It’s okay. I’ll walk with you. There is no rush.’

I don’t know how much I have left of my life but I know who I am and what I’m for. And I definitely have no interest in ‘fate & fortune.’ As long as He walks by my side, I know I will be fine.

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