the gold pill

The Gold Pill

This morning, the Book of Psalms spoke to me again, as I listened to the Daily Audio Bible (23 February). Brian was reading Psalm 40:1-10 from the Christian Standard Bible. The verse below leapt out at me:

How happy is anyone
who has put his trust in the Lord
and has not turned to the proud
or to those who run after lies!

Psalm 40:4 (CSB)

The final few words made me think: ‘It me!’ but in a sense that I knew it was probably not intended. Basically, after I got red-pilled earlier this year, I have been doing all I can to expose the lies of the Cabal. In fact, my most popular post on this blog is titled ‘The Plandemic – How the 1% Sold Us Out.’

All truth is God’s truth

While I am glad I wrote this post–all truth is God’s truth–I can see clearly that it comes from a frantic ‘running after lies.’ The intent was good but it made me depressed, angry and even filled with despair. In the end, it was that despair that drove me to my knees to completely surrender my life to Christ–Proof that God can take bad things and turn them into something good.

Yet, out of habit, I continued to ‘run after lies,’ blowing the whistle as loud as I could. While none of it has been done for the wrong reason, none of it was done in complete surrender; it kept me in a pattern of trying to fix what only God can fix, just like I tried to fix my own life for the past 20 years. We live in a broken world… and yes it needs the truth but the only Truth that can fix this mess is Jesus Christ.

After blogging about Psalm 37 yesterday, I could see quite clearly that I was still not completely free from the old pattern of running after the lies to correct them and it was bringing me neither joy nor peace.

the gold pill to heal like jesus heals

It’s time for the gold pill

No more running after lies! In other Bible translations ‘lies’ is translated as ‘false idols’ or ‘false gods.’ The supreme false god is Satan himself; it is him we as Christians are battling now, not his human minions, and the only way to defeat him is to rejoice in the Lord continuously: “How happy is anyone who has put his trust in the Lord…”

We do not ‘turn to the proud’ for guidance or allow ourselves to become proud. Pride is the original sin. Pride makes it important to ‘be right’ and to prove others ‘wrong.’ I’m done with that business. I want to BE truth, as Christ himself IS truth, and the only way to be truth is to to be filled with the Holy Spirit which leads to loving everyone more deeply. This is the power that heals and that ultimately defeats the enemy. This is the gold pill.

In Him