Manifesting Someone Specific Is It okay? LOA

Manifesting Someone Specific – Is It Okay?

Manifesting Someone Specific Is It okay? LOA

This post came about thanks to a video that popped up in my feed on YouTube the other day. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head for the simple reason that the teaching was so clear and made so much sense… and to my surprise, this from a Law of Attraction video.

I love when I have a belief shifted and someone proves my own thinking flawed because it means I’m still growing. Today, after watching the linked video above and pondering it for a day or two, I actually had two beliefs shifted: a) LOA is pretty simplistic and therefore a bit rubbish (not so, if taught by someone who truly understands energy, apparently!) and b) you must never ever, under any circumstance, strive to manifest a specific lover as this goes against free will and amounts to ‘black magick’ (or at the very least an egoic intent).

Here’s the thing that I understood instantly when I listened to the video: Manifesting someone specific is the most natural thing in the world – Teenagers do it all the time. Sometimes it happens instantly and sometimes a teenager in love spends weeks or months dreaming the relationship into being… Either way the romance begins the same way – With some sort of vibrational match, paired with a strong desire to experience a physical manifestation of this match.

Does this negate the free will of the other person? No, because there was a vibrational match to start with and the other person is still free to choose whether they wish to have the physical experience of the vibration. They also get to choose for how long. Please understand that I am talking about love and not about obsession here – and yes, I do realise that there is a fine line sometimes… not just with teenagers!

Anyway, I thought I’d ask the Tarot about this and pulled three cards from the Wizard’s Tarot for ‘Is it okay to manifest a specific person?’ and got a very strong ‘Hell yeah!’ from the Tarot (see picture of cards drawn below). And yes, I’m kind of blushing about never having thought to ask this of the Tarot before. As some of you may know, I don’t usually shy away from asking BIG questions of the Tarot.

Manifesting Someone Specific Is It okay? LoA. Wizard's Tarot

The High Priestess speaks of the natural pull caused by a vibrational match (think ebb and tide instigated by lunar gravity), as well as of the ability of our emotions to attract what we desire. This is a Yin way of manifesting, allowing what we desire to come to us.

The 6 of Wands is about believing in ourselves enough to hold the vision steady. Acting ‘as if’ what we desire has already come true on some level. It’s about allowing our desire to joyfully expand into the world, without pushing, simply allowing to spill over. You see this Jupiter in Leo energy around people who are in love, not just with a specific person, but with life in general.

I see the Knight of Cups here as representing the specific dream boat we have in mind for our next romantic adventure. This is Scorpio energy which is highly emotionally charged and therefore easily attracted if the vibrational match is present.

The thing is, manifesting a specific person based on natural attraction does not preclude putting the Highest Good above our own personal desires. If we truly love someone, we want want is best for their soul at that point of their journey, which may or may not be a romantic involvement.

Sadly, LOA is still touted as a cheap and easy way to get anything the ego desires (easy parking and all that tosh), pandering to people’s sense of entitlement, and that is what put me off it in the past. I may have to revisit some Law of Attraction teachings via good, intelligent teachers who do have the Summum Bonum as their highest priority…

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