Morning affirmations for starseeds, lightworkers and earth angels

Morning Affirmations

Morning affirmations for starseeds, lightworkers and earth angels

These morning affirmations are specifically for those of you who know you have a divine calling to be wayshowers*, of service to mankind as humanity evolves, awakens and expands its consciousness. You may identify as Starseeds, Lightworkers or Earth Angels, though we all agree that labels are not very important.

As someone who uses affirmations daily and who likes them to be quite short in duration, succinct and help me stay on purpose, I realised I would have to record my own set of morning affirmations for them to achieve all of the above. Mainly, these affirmations are for and by me. If they resonate with you or anybody else out there, that is a bonus!

I recorded these affirmations on my phone which means I can listen to them offline if need to. After I uploaded them in video format, I had the idea to share the script in case anybody would like to either just read them out loud when the mood strikes or record them on your own phone. YouTube can be a bit annoying if you’re on your phone since you can’t surf away from the non-premium version without the video closing down.

Also, if you are only recording the affirmations for your own use, you can use different background music or opt out of using music all together.

Morning Affirmations for Starseeds, Lightworkers and Earth Angels

Morning Affirmations Script

I am grateful for this new day.
I am grateful for my life.
I am grateful for my connection with the Divine.
I am grateful for my angels and spirit guides.
I am grateful for my body.
I am grateful for my mission.
I am grateful for all the support I receive while I’m fulfilling my mission.I am grateful for good health.
I am grateful for my ability to transform sadness to joy.
I am grateful for my gift of healing.
I am grateful for my ability to see around the corner.
I am grateful for my ability to empathise deeply with all living beings.I am grateful for my sensitivity.I am grateful for my past lives and how they brought me to where I am now.I am grateful for my earth family and how their DNA helps me fulfil my mission.I am grateful for all my earth school lessons.I am grateful for how easy it is for me to let go and forgive everyone.I am grateful for my creativity and how it flows so effortlessly.I am grateful for being Spirit-guided every step of the way.
I am grateful for my unique personality.
I am grateful for my mind.
I am grateful for my loving heart.I am worthy of love.I am love.I am worthy of light.I am light.I am worthy of compassion.I am compassion.I am worthy of limitless abundance.I am limitless abundance.I am worthy of kindness.
I am kindness.I am worthy of grace.
I am grace.
I am worthy of vitality.
I am vitality.
I am worthy of stability.
I am stability.
I am worthy of peace.
I am peace.
I am worthy of clarity.
I am clarity.
I AM that I am. Today I give of myself with a glad heart and only goodness and mercy flow back to me. So it is!

Love & Light


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A wayshower is one who embodies the qualities that he wishes others to absorb, so that the light that they carry can become the consciousness of all.