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Past Events Shape The Future

Once again I’m drawing inspiration from reading ‘Nearer than Breathing‘ by Melvyn Matthews this morning. In the chapter The 1940s House, he shares about a family who takes part in a television series. They move into a house that sets them back in time to the 1940s and they have to live just like people did back then until the end of the series. Reenacting past events turns out to be a lot harder than they imagined–a true baptism of fire. They even have to build their own air-raid shelter in the garden.

Matthews goes on to talk about how watching this series took him back to his own 1940s childhood and memories of WWII. He speaks about how past events that transpired during the war reshaped the nation and how it was a collective baptism of fire.

Had Matthews written this book today, in the wake of the plandemic and everyone awakening to the agenda of the elites, he might have asked questions about the baptism of fire we are currently under. Many truly believe we are living in end times. As a Gen X’er, that is nothing new. I guess growing up with the constant threat of getting nuked in the 1980s desensitised me.

The Recent Past

In light of recent past events, I think it is safe to say that the elites succeeded in one of their main goals. They traumatised enough people to make the collective easier to control. And they did this by dividing us against each other. They have also managed to destroy much of the food distribution chain and more destruction is underway. It is their goal to force us to eat ‘plant-based’ (highly processed GMO non-food) meat replacements and bugs. None of which they themselves intend to eat, of course.

Because we are talking about the same people who go everywhere in private jets while wanting to take our cars and gas stoves away from us. Their 15-minute cities won’t work otherwise. The recent past has paved way for total control. And because so many of us are now so traumatised by the constant fear propaganda, not many are likely to rise up and resist these plans.

The Distant Past

There is more hope to be found if we cast our eyes back on the distant past. We know that the machinations of the evil elites rarely last nor have the impact they intend for them to have. But individually there is not much you and I can do right now other than look to the distant past. In doing so, we can reassure ourselves that history will most likely repeat itself. Who knows, eventually there may even be a Nuremberg 2 trial.

The most important events in the distant past we do well to remind ourselves of are of course the events that transpired in the life, death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is on His promises we stand. And it is on His promises the elite agenda falls. Their dream of transhumanism is doomed to fail because it is not God’s will for humanity. Simples.

Personal Past

I’m using this Lent Season for self-examination and pattern detection. And I’m going deep within, not afraid to admit my faults. They are many and I am sorry if you were hurt by them.

Our collective destiny does reflect the majority destiny of us as individuals. So other than remembering Christ’s promises, and hoping for history to repeat itself, we also have an opportunity to strive for inner transformation. Ultimately, it is through the grace of allowing for this process of unfolding, this sanctification that enough light seeps out into the world to defeat the darkness.

In the past, I easily succumbed to despair. I quit too soon. I reverted to the safety of a black-and-white worldview, complete with the us vs them paradigm. Today, I’m holding a funeral service for those tendencies. I’m allowing those past events to become mulch for future growth and learning to patiently wait for growth in the right season.

Prayer for the Past, Present and Future

God, you hold the whole timeline of creation in your hands. So we give thanks for the past and the lessons it brought. We give thanks for the now moment and the eternal now. And we entrust our future to your loving providence knowing thatAll shall be well— Amen.


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