new moon in gemini solar eclipse light language activation

Light Language Activation for the New Moon in Gemini Solar Eclipse

Light Language Activation for the New Moon in Gemini Solar Eclipse

Two days in a row, during my guided morning meditation, I have connected strongly with the Divine Mother and her energies of peace and compassion. In this morning’s meditation, I was bathed in the magenta ray of higher heart chakra energy. This energy is pure, unconditional love. It was an incredible, wordless, and very healing experience. The magenta ray cleared blocks of love. It also washed away much old hurt to make room for joy, peace, harmony, creativity, and indomitable optimism.

Light Language Activation

It is in this spirit I offer the Light Language Activation below. Please do this either today, on the 9th of June, on the actual day of the Eclipse (the 10th), or on the 11th. The New Moon in Gemini Solar Eclipse gateway is active on these three days. If you feel guided to do so, please pass this Light Language Activation on so that as many people as possible can take benefit from this free gift.

It will take up less than five minutes of your time but you may wish to make sure that you can be undisturbed for half an hour. I recommend journaling any insights that come through with these light codes as this can help you stay on track over the next six months. I would absolutely love to hear anything that comes through for you. Please leave a comment on the blog or under the YouTube video!

Holy Sophia

After my morning meditation, I pulled the Sophia card from the Archangel Fire Oracle. The Magenta colour is very much associated with Her. Feel free to call in Her energy before you settle down to enjoy the Activation.

Sophia, aka Lady Wisdom, is said to be the first created being. She as revered as Mother Goddess in the Gnostic Christian Tradition.


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Dark Moon Blessings

Lisa Frideborg

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