15 Minute Guided Morning Meditation to Connect with Your Spirit Team

15-Minute Guided Morning Meditation

15 Minute Guided Morning Meditation

Below the video, you will find the script for this 15-Minute Guided Morning Meditation. The script is not copyrighted so please feel free to make your own recording as well as modify the script to suit you.

Guided Morning Meditation Script

Good morning and welcome to another day on Earth. Isn’t life sweet and isn’t it just wonderful to receive the gift of another day? Let’s set the tone for the day ahead with this guided meditation that will help you connect with your Spirit Team and receive guidance for the day ahead.

Sit comfortably in your favourite meditation pose, either with your legs crossed or seated on a chair with your feet on the ground. Allow your spine to lengthen and your shoulders to relax. Close your eyes now if you haven’t already done so. 

Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Allow your breath to return to normal, breathing in and out through your nose. Pay attention to the cool, dry air on the way in through your nostrils… Notice how it’s warmer and moister on the way out. Just breathe and relax… That’s right…

Gently scan your body for any tightness or discomfort. Gently breathe into those areas. Release any tension on the out-breath and relax. Become fully present. Allow your heart to fill with gratitude for this time to just be with the Divine.

Invite the Holy Spirit

Call on the Holy Spirit three times inside your mind or out loud: Come Holy Spirit; Come Holy Spirit; Come Holy Spirit! Visualise a bright light shining down from the heart of the Cosmos. This light is the love of Mother-Father God. Open up to this light and allow it to flood every cell of your body. Breathe in the light, breathe out any remaining darkness and tension.

Cross of Light – Vertical Aligment

Now visualise the Divine light flowing down to your root chakra, out through the bottom of your spine and into Mother Earth. Feel the grounding connection with Gaia. Breathe in the warm light from the core of the earth, up through the spine, all the way into your heart chakra. Allow your heart to expand with gratitude for Earth, Nature and all the wondrous life forms that inhabit this realm. Breathe this love and gratitude back out and up into the heart of the cosmos. You have been vertically aligned and connected. 

Cross of Light – Horizontal Alignment

Now place a hand on your heart and hold the other hand up in front of you, palm facing out. Stay here for a moment breathing in Divine love and gratitude. Then breathe this love and gratitude out, sending it to all living beings, especially those in need and who are suffering. You have been horizontally aligned and connected. See and sense the Cross of Light running through you.

Connecting with the Angelic Realm

In your mind’s eye, face East and the rising sun. Visualise the four angelic Elemental Guardians in each cardinal direction: Raphael before you in the East, Gabriel behind you in the West, Michael to your right in the South and Uriel to your left in the North. 

Visualise and sense Archangel Metatron above you and Archangel Sandalphon below. Finally, sense your Guardian Angel who always has your back, behind you. Give thanks for their presence, protection and guidance throughout the day ahead.

Take a moment to sit in silence, surrounded by the angels and focus on your third eye. See if a colour wants to come in this way. The colour may come in visually or you may hear the name of the colour. It doesn’t matter. The vibration of the colour is with you now and this colour is an angelic ray, filled with wisdom and light codes. Allow the colour to fill and expand your aura now. Allow yourself to become receptive to any messages that it carries with it. 

There may be messages from one of the angels you have already connected with. Other angels or guides or spirit animals may step in. If you work with dragons or unicorns, they may also come through now. 

Receive Guidance for the Day Ahead

Stay centered in this colour and just breathe. It really doesn’t matter if messages come through now or not. If not, they may come through later on in the day. Pay special attention to any items or events connected with the colour that came through for you. Sometimes, the colour simply represents a wordless mood or a vibe. Relax and be fully present. 

I will leave you to enjoy this experience now for a while. Then I will return and help you ground your energy.

It is time to come back into the room and into your body. Take a deep breath and visualise roots growing from the bottom of your spine, down into the core of the earth. Take another deep breath and visualise any excess energy flowing through these roots and being transmuted by Gaia into nourishment for the Highest Good.

Give thanks to Mother-Father God, Holy Spirit, your angels and spirit guides. 

Set the intent now to be a channel for God’s love, peace and wisdom in the world.

God bless you and keep you today and every day.

Amen and So It Is

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