the leaving brian froud's heart of the faerie oracle

Don’t Leave Like a Fool #mysticmisfit

the leaving brian froud's heart of the faerie oracle

A new adventure is about to start because something else has ended or your simply decided to act on your inner guidance to move in a new direction… GREAT! But hey, before you set off, make sure your house is tidy… OK? And you are taking your smart phone for navigating… or at least a map, right?

I love this card because it reminds me so much of the John Bauer troll illustrations I grew up with during my childhood years in Sweden. The young child reminds me of the Fool in the Tarot… I could lose myself in those drawings and feel the same looking at this card…

Is the troll waiting to take advantage of the unsuspecting and inexperienced traveller? Probably, because that’s the nature of trolls. This is why we have to prepare and not be completely naïve when we set off on our next big adventure. That doesn’t mean we lack trust, it simply means we use your uncommonly common sense to avoid disasters, accidents and thieving trolls.

This draw is essentially an invitation to pull a few more cards for greater clarity – perhaps three…

  • don’t – situation – do
  • spiritual lesson – practical lesson – how to harmonise the two
  • situation – challenge action advice
  • friend – foe – guardian angel
  • drop this – pick this up – unlock this
  • tidy up these loose ends – walk away from this – invite this in
  • this no longer serves you – capitalise on this talent – invest in this for future gain
  • leave behind – start this – watch out for this…

Yes, I like the sound of the last three card draw. Let’s try it with the Frideborg Tarot. This is for myself, on my new path as a Magdalene Priestess… but if it resonates, you can keep if it too 🙂 If not, feel free to do a different reading and share it in the comments!

sample reading with frideborg tarot

  • leave behind – a sense of apathy (4 of Cups)
  • start this – a daily spiritual discipline and studies that will take you further along this path (The Hermit)
  • watch out for this – not all that is referred to as ‘love’ is actually love in spiritual circles… be discerning!  (Ace of Cups)

Happy leaving today, just make sure you have turned all the electrics off, blown out the candle, made sure the cat is not locked in the cupboard and that you have all your tickets!

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So much love!

Lisa xo