daily guidance for psychic misfits

Misfit Message of the Day

daily guidance for psychic misfits

This is not the Misfit Monday post if you were looking out for that. Don’t worry – It’s still happening later on today. I have been guided to post daily misfit posts along with the Misfit Monday posts… and yes, if you were hoping for another Tarot spread, that’s coming too.

For today’s Misfit Message, I have chosen to work with the Jesus Cards and the Thelema Tarot (Amazon UK affiliate link).

Today’s card combination, with John the Baptist and The Hierophant talks about our role as divine messengers and teachers of spiritual truth. John was a man who walked his talk, unlike the Pharisees (religious leaders) of the time. You could say he was the ultimate misfit, with his lack of clothing, fierce preaching and diet of locusts.

The Hierophant is depicted here as a robed traditional priest and more akin to the Pharisees who had sold out for power and status in the world. There is tension between the energy of these two cards.

The question I can hear John shouting from the desert across the time-space divide is ‘How far are you prepared to go to heed your calling? Will you cast aside the trappings of the world? Are you prepared to be a fool for Spirit so that the Word might live in and through you?

The Hierophant needs to be accepted by men and men in turn go to him for acceptance. He perpetuates the status quo… But what is it your soul yearns for now? The sadness you feel when you look around you and see people trapped by the illusion of what life is about demands a revolution.

What the world needs now is love revolution.

And revolutions have consequences. You cannot revolt against the status quo and hope to fit in. Not even a bit.

When you are true to and act on that which brings everlasting joy… When you have the courage to break your own chains that tie you down with a need for acceptance and status in society, then your freedom will be a beacon to others who long to do the same.

Misfits bring hope to the world. Like John could only prepare the way for Jesus by truly walking the talk, so can we only prepare the way for Heaven on Earth by letting our crazy love light shine – the more unique, the more wonderful and powerful.

So much love!

Lisa xo