Power of Surrender Cards - Intuition 22 June

Mystic Misfit Message 22 June

Power of Surrender Cards - Intuition 22 June

Our message today comes from the Power of Surrender Cards by Judith Orloff (Amazon UK link). I got these last week and kind of wish I had gotten them sooner because surrender ties in so well with ease, my focus word for 2017.

[bctt tweet=”Living with ease becomes possible when we surrender with every breath. ” username=”LisaFrideborg”] The problem is that we forget. Breathing happens automatically and so does worrying. It’s quite scary to think that over 90% of the thoughts we think every day are just recycled. It takes discipline and mindfulness to surrender and start moving with greater ease. There are still many useless looping thought patterns I wish to rid myself of so I’m very happy for the daily reminder in the form of these cards.

Today we are reminded to surrender to our intuition. Doing so takes the discipline to quieten the mind and opening up to receive. Here are some of my favourite ways to surrender to intuition:

  1. start and end the day with meditation
  2. pause and become mindful of your breathing throughout the day, releasing tension on the out-breath
  3. pay attention to your dreams and keep a dream journal
  4. do a daily draw with your cards or runes and open up for messages to bubble
  5. spend some listening to your body and what it needs
  6. spend some time with your heart and learn to accept all your emotions
  7. get to know your spirit guides and guardian angels, listen to their messages and act on them
  8. study symbols and archetypes and become more aware of patterns and synchronicities
  9. spend more time in nature and attune yourself to Her cycles, including the rhythm of your own bodily cycle
  10. drum your soul back into your body
  11. move to your favourite music – improvised movement is a great way of releasing blocks to your intuition
  12. drink water mindfully and visualise it opening up clocked neural pathways
  13. bathe or shower mindfully to cleanse your energy body and drain away heavy energy that is blocking you

Intuition is found in the suit of Cups in the Tarot, along with emotions. Feelings of guilt and shame hold us captive in a state of non-acceptance of what we truly feel and who we truly are. Shadow is created by guilt and shame. The remedy is complete acceptance of all feelings and a deep trust in God. Intuition and emotions are intimately linked through our astral body which is the interface with have with all beings beyond the Veil.

[bctt tweet=”To surrender to our intuition is to be at ease with all our emotions. ” username=”LisaFrideborg”]

May you be at ease and may your day be filled with love and peace.


So much love!

Lisa xo