Archangel Michael Keepers of the Light Oracle

Mystic Misfit Message for 26 June

Archangel Michael Keepers of the Light Oracle

I’m trying a new format for this week’s Misfit Messages. I’ll be posting the message on the night before so that our friends down under won’t be getting the message when they day is already over. Today’s message is about trusting in Heaven.

Trust is hard to come by if you have been raised with abuse and or abandonment. I’m going to level with you about exactly how hard it is when you suffer from complex PTSD that is the result of early childhood trauma: it is impossible. Or it is if, I confine myself to my own thoughts and the sensory feedback I get from the environment around me. There simply isn’t anything in the kind of greed-driven and ego-maniacal world we live in to validate that trust is a helpful response compared to hyper-vigilance and mistrust.

Had I not had the experiences of Heaven I had during my OBE at age 6, I wouldn’t even have begun to seek out love here on Earth. I was shown a different reality when I left my body and was taken into the heart of the cosmos… or should I say – I was shown reality rather than the hologram is our earthly existence. Faith is a matter of experience rather than belief for me.

And yet…

We so easily fall back asleep and start accepting everything that our five senses feeds back to us as reality. No wonder then that we get anxious and resort to isolating ourselves from the world.

But wait!

We are here to make a difference. If we isolate ourselves, nobody will be helped by our presence.

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First of all, we must learn to trust in Mother-Father God.

Secondly, we must learn to trust ourselves.

Thirdly, we must keep reminding ourselves that God’s angels are always at our service.

Finally, we must remember to ask. That is another way of saying, ‘Pray without ceasing.’ Praying out loud really helps. It’s the thoughts that run around in our head that most easily fall prey to the monkey chatter of the ego mind.

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‘You have not because you ask not…’

Archangel Michael isn’t a figment of the imagination, by the way. I have had the pleasure of not only sensing him but also seeing him during a healing session. After the session, I asked the young lady who had given me Reiki if she knew that she had Archangel Michael with her. She said, ‘Yes, of course – I always call on him before I begin a treatment.’

Have courage and put your faith in the forces that can keep not only your body but also your soul safe!


So much love!

Lisa xo

Deck used: Keepers of the Light Oracle by Kyle Gray (Amazon UK link)