mystic misfit message header 27 june

The Light of Hope #mysticmisfit

mystic misfit message header 27 june

For today’s guidance, I asked what Misfit Mojo we could work today in the world and to answer the question I use the Ancient Feminine Wisdom Oracle (Amazon UK link) and the Jesus Cards.

The combination of 2 of Mark, Jesus riding in to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, and Pandora (hope) is really exciting. It’s about meeting the need for healing in those around us by sharing the hope that we have.

Jesus Cards and Ancient Feminine Wisdom Oracle

Ask yourself what life has taught you about hope. Ask yourself how you can help someone else to start feeling hopeful about their life and future again.

This is about speaking up about the spiritual Light that lights up your soul. This means telling the world about that one time… and the good news is that you are meant to do it your way. It could be through body paint, or baking, or writing a blog post, creating a sculpture or a mixed media art installation… It could be through teaching your grandchild something quite simple but with great love… or through helping your elderly neighbour repot a plant.

The point is…

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I want you to imagine that you are holding Pandora’s box… inside it it, you can hear what sounds like a little bumblebee… This is Hope and she lives in your heart too.

Focus on the quietly buzzing hope in your heart for a minute now. Breathe slowly, in and out through the heart, until her light expands so that the whole room fills with it. This light surrounds you today, wherever you go… It’s your gift to the world, just for today.

Wherever you ride in (which will no doubt be where you are needed most), you radiate the light of Hope from your heart. Pass on the light of Hope to at least one person today. Make a note in your journal about it tonight.

Have a blessed day, fellow misfits!


So much LOVE!

Lisa xo