archangel fire oracle flip-through

Archangel Fire Oracle Flip-through

Archangel Fire Oracle Flip-through

This isn’t a thorough review of the gorgeous Archangel Fire Oracle by Alexandra Wenman. It’s a flip-through I originally made for my new Instagram account. Before you check the stunning artwork out in the video below and get a wee preview of the fabulous and chunky guidebook, I just wanted to talk about what I believe and sense that angels actually are.

The True Nature of Angels

As much as I love the imagery in the Archangel Fire Oracle, I actually don’t believe that angels are winged humanoid-looking spirits. They are nodes of consciousness or specific rays of the mind of God on the divine grid of light. They are able to project messages and sometimes physical form onto Earth. Sometimes that means projecting an image of a winged being. I love artwork that captures the energy of each angel, whether that be by using fractal images or by presenting a more traditional winged being.

How dare I claim to know what angels actually are? I received this information from my Guardian Angel, Archangel Jeremiel, many years ago. If it resonates, please take it and run! If it doesn’t, I’m totally cool with that too.

Click HERE for a Tarot spread inspired by Archangel Jeremiel.

Archangel Fire Oracle Flip-through

Love and Light,

Lisa Frideborg

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