magic of unicorns oracle flip-through and free mini readings

The Magic of Unicorns Oracle Flip-through and FREE Mini Readings

The Magic of Unicorns Oracle Flip-through and FREE Readings

The long-awaited The Magic of Unicorns Oracle by Diana Cooper arrived last night. I ordered it about two months ago. My previous Unicorn Oracle had sadly gone into the skip with almost 300 decks last year during my Dark Night of the Soul.

Clearly, I needed another unicorn deck. Especially since I’d already gotten my hands on not one but two lovely new dragon oracle decks. The dragons bring wisdom and power. For better balance, we need the grace and innocence of the unicorns.

If you like to work with Unicorn energy or connect with your Unicorn Guide, you can try this guided 15-minute morning meditation. There is room for a message from your Spirit Team included there. Simply set the intention to connect with your Unicorn Guide. They are then likely to step forward – if not the first time, then after a couple of tries.

The Magic of Unicorns Flip-through

FREE Mini Unicorn Oracle Readings – TODAY ONLY!

Let me know in the comments below if you would like for me to pull a card for you from The Magic of Unicorns Oracle deck. You are welcome to ask a question or just put ‘general’ if you want the Unicorns to show you the best way forward now. I will do as many of these as I have time for today, 14 July 2021, ONLY.

It was the ‘Pay it forward’ message on the very first card I pulled from this deck (see image at top of post) that inspired me to offer some free readings today. Oh, and happy 14th of July to my French friends!


Lisa Frideborg

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