week ahead 29 May-4 June message for the cosmic collective

Cosmic Collective Messages 29 May-4 June

week ahead energy forecast pick a card tarot readings for 29 May-4 June

Happy Friday, Soul Tribe! Welcome to the Cosmic Collective Message from Spirit and Thoth Tarot messages for the week of 29 May-4 June!

Our theme for the week ahead is to liberate any trapped joy. I was so surprised and delighted when this message came to me from Spirit during my morning meditation. We often think of grief, sorrow and fear getting trapped in the body.

But happiness can get stuck too if we are not allowed to express it. Think back to a time in the past when you were told off while you were playing and having fun. Adults teach children far too soon that life is serious business… But is that really true?

As always, please read the week ahead message for the collective below before scrolling down to your individual pick-a-pile reading. Your reading will be thematically tied to the general reading.

The Archangel assigned to each pile is based on the quint and you can find out more about them by clicking the link.

Week Ahead Message for the Cosmic Collective

week ahead message for the collective 29 may-4 june 2023

Pile 1 Week of 29 May-4 June

pile 1 thoth tarot week ahead reading

You, my friend, are leaving dark and troubled times behind. That is because you figured out a way of improving your self-talk and it is making all the difference. You understand that living from the heart (from the inside out) is the key to harmony and contentment in life. Happiness is not just something that belongs to others.

This week, you are likely to find new, imaginative and playful ways to generate even more happiness in your life on a daily basis. This is what soul alchemy looks like–Well done!

Affirmation: I AM as happy as I imagine myself to be

Crystal remedy: Tiger’s Eye

Archangel: Jeremiel

Pile 2 Week of 29 May-4 June

pile 2 week ahead thoth tarot

You are focused on aligning with your life purpose and mission in this lifetime and it is paying off this week. That wonderful new idea that is emerging over the next few days is one you will want to take action on. You are about to find out just how strong and capable you are. Does that mean that there will be some testing of your strength along the way? You betcha! But you 100% got this because you are right on track.

If you have to make an important choice this week, trust the first idea that you have about this and act on that. Now is a good time to pitch any ideas you have to people who may be able to support your mission.

Affirmation: I AM right on track, trusting my inner guidance

Crystal remedy: Peridot

Archangel: Raguel

Pile 3 Week of 29 May-4 June

pile 3 thoth tarot week ahead

It’s as if you are waking up from a long winter slumber and realise that you are ready to come out and play. Some people will meet this side of you for the first time, having mistaken you for a hermit for the longest time. Don’t let their reactions put you off. Keep solid boundaries against anybody who is trying to make you crawl back under your rock.

This is your time to shine and to teach others how to do the same by setting an example. And remember, take absolutely nothing personally. Really, that is the only protection you need as you get ready to take centre stage.

Affirmation: I know how to create meaningful connections and stay true to myself

Crystal remedy: Citrine

Archangel: Raguel


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