New Moon in Pisces Pick a Pile Readings

New Moon in Pisces Pick-a-Pile Readings

New Moon in Pisces Pick-a-Pile Readings

Hello dear friends, the New Moon in Pisces is taking place on Sunday at 3:31 PM UK time. This is a good time to dream BIG and set intentions for the rest of the year. The momentum to manifest comes with a sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn. Whatever you can imagine, you can hold in your hands later on this year.

The Pisces New Moon is an especially good time for manifesting anything relating to the Element of Water, so artistic expression, psychic development, intimacy, female fertility and purification are all areas that are a good fit.

Watch out for a square between Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Capricorn, taking place very soon after the exact time of the New Moon. This constellation acts as a reality check and if you use this energy in the right way, it can help you break through any self-imposed limitations or self-doubt.

Neptune in Pisces is Sextile Jupiter in Capricorn when this happens, which means that your dreams won’t necessarily grind to a halt because of this temporary bump in the road. Reality checks are a good thing, as long as we don’t allow them to move us into a downard spiral of negative thinking.

For the New Moon in Pisces pick-a-pile readings, I have chosen to work with the dreamy Shadowscapes Tarot which I always felt has a rather Piscean feel to it. There is also a rune (crafted by yours truly) to go with each pile of Tarot cards.

Before scrolling down to the individual readings, please take a minute to release any tension, ground and centre your energy before making your selection from the three piles in the image above.

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DAILY ORACLE 21 FEBRUARY . Today we have the 8 of Cups with Berkana. The message is short and sweet. There is a treasure inside you that wants to be out there, in the world. In these two dark moon days, dive deeper within your psyche, following the creative currents, until you find it. . What you find on this journey of discovery is what you will intend to nurture as the New Moon in Pisces begins to wax. When the Moon is Full in Virgo, you will be able to begin sharing some of it with the world. . For some of you, this concerns a major creative project and it will take several lunar cycles for it to come to fruition. What you give birth to next will change you and how the world views you. What you give birth to will become part of your legacy. . Blessed be! . Frideborg (to book a reading) (old blog) (new blog) . #dailyoracle #runeoftheday #tarotcardoftheday #tarotreadersofinstagram #runestersofinstagram #runes #tarot #elderfuthark #futhark #uthark #berkana #shadowscapestarot #freyasday #8ofCups #NewMooninPisces #DarkMoon

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Pile 1

New Moon in Pisces Pick-a-Pile Readings Pile 1

This New Moon promises great abundance if you act on your creative inspiration now and get to work. Fehu, rune of moveable wealth, is a sign that you can start generating an income from whatever creative project is begging to be born now.

Nine of Cups (Jupiter in Pisces) with The Moon (Pisces) are witness to the fact that month of Pisces is a lucky month for you.

The 8 of Pentacles shows us that the devil lies in the details. The challenge is to get practical without allowing a spirit of perfection take over and set up creative blocks for you. Simply breathe and go with the flow, setting aside a bit of time each day for your creativity.

You are likely to amaze yourself with what you are capable of when you don’t limit your creativity and pay attention to the details!

Pile 2

New Moon in Pisces Pick-a-Pile Readings Pile 2

The Page of Cups is your sensitive, intuitive nature which, when allowed to blossom this New Moon, will lead you to your legacy (Othala).

For some of you, this could happen via a partnership with someone who sparks you creatively. The Two of Wands also signifies the need to make a choice before you embark on this journey which is likely to take you through many celestial lunar and solar cycles before you reach your goal.

Patience will be needed. You will need to reorient yourself often and will have much to gain from a regular meditation practice because of this.

It is likely that it is your psychic / intuitive gifts which will leave a lasting legacy behind for future generations. Financial payout will be slow but will come eventually. However, you will receive much love and appreciation along the way if you just stay true to yourself.

Pile 3

New Moon in Pisces Pick-a-Pile Readings Pile 3

There can be no doub that this lunar cycle will bring upheaval into your life. The reason is a stubborn fixation on beliefs that will now be shattered. This is all for the best as it will free up your creative genius once more! It’s no good limiting yourself just so that you can keep your faith neat and tidy.

Hagalaz is the rune of hail storms – It brings devastation in its trail but also new life when the hail stones melt and water the arid soil beneath them. There is strong Persephone energy in this reading for you, my dear. The Queen of the Dead is also the Queen of rebirth in the spring.

The feeling I get is that the next few weeks will be quite stressful and confusing for you but rest assured, just as spring is right around the corner, so is your ability to move forward once more.

There is some kind of job / career change on the horizon for you in the spring of 2020 and the seeds for that are being sown now, so hang tight and don’t let the lack of clarity about your future get you down. Just keep trusting your inner guidance, one step at the time.

Check out the New Moon in Pisces Tarot spread to help you break through any creative blocks and flow with your inner guidance.

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Blessed be!


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