pick a sun tarot readings for how to embody your higher self and shine your light

Pick a Sun for How to Embody Your Higher Self and Shine Your Light

pick a sun tarot readings for how to embody your higher self and shine your light

Happy Friday, Angelorum fam! We live in extraordinary and challenging times. Much of what is happening in the world today is happening by design to disempower us. (As for the sun symbolism–If you know, you know.) Today’s Pick a Sun Tarot readings aim to do the opposite. They can help you remember why you are here, realign with your purpose and act in a way that helps you have agency in the world.

Remember, you chose to incarnate at this pivotal time in Gaia’s evolution. You are important and what you choose to do with your life matters to the rest of us. We are all connected.

We are working with the traditional Smith-Waite Tarot (affiliate link) for these pick-a-pile Tarot readings.

This empowering Pick-a-Sun Tarot reading is for you, whenever you happen to come across it. It will bring you the spirit medicine that will be the most empowering for this moment in time. However, as always with general readings, only take that which resonates.

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The Sun in Astrology

The Sun in astrology serves as a central emblem of our identity, core will, and vital energy. Representing the fundamental essence of an individual, the Sun symbolises the conscious mind, the self that emerges through expression and ego. Astrologically, it represents our most basic characteristics, the filter through which we experience life, and how we manifest our will. The position of the Sun in the zodiac at the time of our birth shapes our impetus for making significant life decisions. It highlights the paths we are likely to find most fulfilling and where we can shine brightest.

In a natal chart, the Sun’s placement by sign and house illuminates specific areas in which we can expect our life’s most considerable activities and challenges to unfold. For instance, a Sun in Leo exudes confidence, creativity, and a commanding presence, pointing to a life centred around personal expression and leadership. Meanwhile, the house position of the Sun pinpoints life areas where these traits manifest most distinctly. If the Sun is in the tenth house, for example, professional life and public reputation become significant fields of endeavour, shaping the individual’s identity through career achievements and public roles.

The Sun’s aspects to other planets in the natal chart further refine its expression. Harmonious aspects, such as trines and sextiles, typically ease the Sun’s energies, enhancing an individual’s ability to express themselves and succeed in areas linked to the Sun’s position. Conversely, challenging aspects, such as squares and oppositions, might present obstacles that require conscious effort to overcome but also offer opportunities for growth and strengthening of character. Through understanding the complexities of their natal Sun, an individual can gain insight into their life purpose, natural inclinations, and the best channels for expressing their authentic self.

A. Sunflower

pile 1

1. What You Need to Remember About Your Soul Essence

The 5 of Pentacles often appears when you feel left out in the cold or experiencing material or emotional hardship. It’s crucial to remember that despite any feelings of scarcity or abandonment, your soul essence is resilient and capable of overcoming adversities. This card encourages you to seek inner spiritual wealth and connection, even when external circumstances seem bleak. It’s a reminder that your true essence is not defined by external or material conditions but by your inner strength and ability to endure and evolve through challenges.

2. What You Need to Remember About Your Mission

The Sun is a radiant symbol of positivity, vitality, and success. The Sun card highlights the joy and abundance you are meant to bring into the world. It is an encouragement to focus on what makes you feel alive and joyful. Your mission involves bringing warmth, light, and clarity to those around you. Like the sun, you are here to foster growth, happiness, and prosperity, encouraging others to step into their power and embrace their light. Remember, your presence can bring healing and inspiration to any situation.

3. The Action That Will Help You Have More Agency in the World Right Now

The 7 of Swords often deals with strategy, stealth, and sometimes deception. To gain more agency in your world, it suggests that you may need to think tactically. Strategise rather than using straightforward approaches, especially in situations where confrontation could lead to unnecessary conflict. This card advises you to be discerning about who you trust and where you devote your energy. Sometimes, taking a more unconventional or indirect path can help you navigate through tricky situations more effectively. This action requires you to be smart and agile, and possibly take unconventional routes to secure your position and move your agendas forward safely.

B. Sol

pick a sun pile 2

1. What You Need to Remember About Your Soul Essence

The Ace of Cups serves as a gentle reminder that your soul essence is inherently connected to the universal flow of love and emotion. This card symbolises the vast potential of your emotional and spiritual source. It’s about the capacity to open your heart fully, offering an outpouring of feelings, intuition, and empathetic energy. Embrace this card as a sign of the purest form of love and compassion within you — always ready to flow and connect with others.

2. What You Need to Remember About Your Mission

The Wheel of Fortune stands for the cycles of life and the understanding that change is the only constant. This card reminds you that your mission is intertwined with the cosmic cycles of fate and destiny. It encourages you to take risks when the right circumstances arise. Face every turn of the Wheel with resilience and optimism, knowing that each phase brings different opportunities. Your mission involves navigating these cycles, learning from the experiences, and being adaptable to transform challenges into wisdom.

3. The Action That Will Help You Have More Agency in the World Right Now

The 4 of Pentacles suggests a need for stability and control over your resources. It indicates that securing your financial and material positions could empower you more effectively in your endeavours. This card advises building and maintaining a steady foundation upon which you can rely. Practicality and caution in managing your finances and resources may not only provide security but also enhance your capacity to make an impact. Remember, sometimes the best action you can take to gain agency is to ensure your bases are solidly covered.

C. Radiant Smiley Sun

pick a sun pile 3

1. What You Need to Remember About Your Soul Essence

The Wheel of Fortune is a powerful reminder that your soul essence is closely intertwined with the cycles of life and destiny. This card indicates that your being thrives on change, evolution and expansion. You are a part of the eternal ebb and flow of the universe, and your soul’s journey is marked by phases of transformation and renewal. Embrace the spontaneity and the unpredictability of life, as it reflects your true nature — always changing and always optimistic about future possibilities.

2. What You Need to Remember About Your Mission

The 5 of Swords serves as a caution regarding the nature of your mission. It often represents conflict, winning at all costs, or the aftermath of a contentious situation. Your mission may involve navigating challenging dynamics or environments where beliefs, ideas, or strategies clash. It’s crucial to remember the importance of integrity and mindfulness in your actions and decisions. Sometimes, this card can also suggest that part of your mission is learning how to choose battles wisely and understand the cost of victory.

3. The Action That Will Help You Have More Agency in the World Right Now

The Death card symbolises significant transformation, endings, and new beginnings. To increase your agency in the world, this card advises embracing change and letting go of the old to make way for the new. It’s a call to shed anything from outdated beliefs to toxic relationships or past regrets. By accepting the inevitable transformations life presents, you empower yourself to steer through them with courage and determination. This is an essential step in reclaiming control and manifesting new opportunities.

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