tarot prayer II

Tarot Prayer II

Tarot Prayer II Strength-Temperance

Strength – Temperance

Whenever I am tempted with anger, help me to see clearly that kindness is always the answer.

Inspire me, Holy Spirit, to seek wisdom with all my heart so that the path I walk is illuminated from above.

Teach me to stay centered, aligned and connected with Source and to use both breath and prayer to bring myself back into alignment – especially when the world around me starts spinning faster and faster.

For discernment, I pray, O Holy Spirit; help me to always choose that which brings peace and harmony,

even when it means that I have to make a sacrifice. Assist with my surrender of the thing that I’m clinging to so that a new perspective can be born.

And if I stand in the way of where you lead or if my blindness obscures the vision you have for my life, grant me the grace to willingly surrender to rebirth in your likeness, O God.

Then baptise me with the waters of life to temper my soul and reveal my essence so that divine inspiration can flow freely.


Lisa Frideborg

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