The Tarotpreneur Weekly Check-in Tarot Spread

The Tarotpreneur Weekly Check-in Tarot Spread

The Tarotpreneur Weekly Check-in Tarot Spread
Tarotpreneurs, let’s create some harmony in our life and biz with a bit of help from the Tarot!

Hey, fellow Tarotpreneur, do you sometimes lose track of where you need to be heading with your business? Remembering the goals and intentions you set for your biz at the start of the year may not be easy or things may simply have moved on too much for those goals and intentions to still be relevant. This easily happens when we basically are our business and I know this is true for me in 2019, a year of massive metamorphosis, healing and re-direction. 

I’m currently studying the Law of Attraction with some really good teachers, including my own Dragon Guardian. This has made me realise how important it is for me to stay on track energetically first and foremost if I wish to bring in abundance through the work I do… But I can only stay on track if my life (and my Tarot business) is at least semi-organised, so I was inspired to create the a weekly Tarot spread to help with that. 

Essentially, Tarot readers are intuitive and creative types. These are wonderful gifts and qualities to have but one of the drawbacks is often that we are not the most organised or business savvy people on the planet. These other, less common qualities for intuitives are qualities we must strive to develop though, if we wish to be successful.

However, unlike say your regular business person, everything we do has to flow from a heart connection to the ALL. We cannot simply follow a business formula like a sales funnel and hope that will do the trick if our heart is not in it. This is why the first and central card in this spread is about our heart vibration. I hope you find the Tarot spread I created useful, whether you are already self-employed as a Tarotpreneur or or are in the process of starting a Tarot business.

The Heart-centred Tarotpreneur Weekly Check-in Tarot Spread

  1. My heart vibration now
  2. What I am currently attracting
  3. How to raise my vibration 
  4. What to eliminate/do less of this week
  5. What activity I should focus on for abundance
  6. What activity I should focus on for increased creativity
  7. How to best recharge my batteries in the week ahead
  8. What type of yet unknown opportunity I should stay open to or look out for
  9. What I should be teaching on social media and/or in my blog posts
  10. Further guidance on how to be of service in a way that brings in abundance

You can mix Tarot and oracle cards as you wish for this spread. You can, for instance, pull two cards for each position – one Tarot, one oracle cards… Or you can use a really high vibe oracle deck for the positive action advice positions.