Runic Dragon Code 1 Fehu

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dragon code 1 fehu

Fehu for Peace of Mind

Dragon Code 1 Fehu brings peace of mind when we understand that we are the abundance we seek. Abundance is our nature and not separate from us, as the ego would have us believe. Everything we need or wish to create already exists within us. To manifest anything, we need to align ourselves with the I AM presence within and know that we lack nothing. This clears any negative energy of desiring something we perceive that we lack. From this place of absolute knowing and inner peace, we can proceed with manifesting our dreams and desires.

Fehu does not look around and compare itself to other points of origin (other people) for creating or manifesting something new into the world. Dragon Code 1 is an intelligent force that must be channelled from within to bring something new into the world. It is the spark of divine desire to see more of what is within you, expressed in the world, not to copy what others are already doing.

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Fehu for Prosperity

Do you want more abundance in your life? You have come to the right dragon code! Fehu is the rune to use to call forth increased prosperity. In order to do so, try the following simple step-by-step meditation to attract more abundance.

  • Sit with your spine erect, feet on the floor (if in a chair) or cross-legged (if on the floor)
  • Take a couple of deep breaths to release any tension
  • Chant Fehu (FAY-hoo) three times
  • Close your eyes
  • In your mind’s eye, picture the Fehu rune, golden and glimmering, in front of you
  • See Fehu increase in size until it is big enough to act as a portal.
  • Step through the portal to merge with Fehu – Sense the energy running through you and really notice what it feels like. Do you feel warm, excited, tingly, expansive…?
  • Imagine taking the stance of the Fehu rune, standing upright with your arms outstretched in front of you. Open up to receive and pay attention to what you truly desire to receive as well as how easily it comes to you
  • Ground your energy by taking a few deep breaths to connect with the Earth’s core and open your eyes when you are ready

Make some notes in your journal after you have completed this simple meditation exercise. Write down how you experienced the energy of Fehu. What did you desire to manifest? How easily did it come to you? What action steps do you need to take here and now to manifest your desire? This final question leads to how to use Fehu for personal power.

Fehu for Personal Power

Increased personal power in terms of Fehu is all about taking action. Just begin! Trust the desire itself to carry you forward. This is the first rune in the rune alphabet and without it, there would be nothing. It carries a similar vibration to the number 1. In other words, new beginnings and a sense of wholeness/being in possession of everything that is needed for moving forward.

Now think about all the times you wanted to do or achieve something but never acted on that desire. What happened to your energy? As a result of not taking action, what happened and how did you feel? How did not taking action affect your sense of being powerful? If you want to take action but are feeling apathetic, try combining Fehu with Uruz.

Your creativity is your power… but only if you act on it.

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