Dragon Code 14 Perthro

Perthro for Peace of Mind

Runic Dragon Code 14, Perthro, is the rune of the Seer. Whether you consider yourself psychic or not, we all have a Seer within. This is He or She who knows. This is your True Self, the one who with great ease can become the Observer. Please note that I am not talking about the kind of psychic ability to connect to the astral realms here. I’m talking about the natural ability we all have to connect directly with the Divine and to centre ourselves in the One Mind of that Source of All That Is.

This is zero-point alignment that gives us access to all that we need to know at that moment. Perhaps all we truly need to see and know is that peace is a very real possibility. Or maybe we need a vital piece of information that literally saves lives. Peace of mind comes from trusting that what we are given is what is needed at that exact moment.

runic dragon code 14 perthro

Perthro for Prosperity

Dragon Code 14, Perthro, is also known as the rune of the gambler. Gambling, in general, is not very wise but taking a calculated risk and being prepared to go with the flow can lead to a great increase in prosperity. Perthro reminds us to look for signs in the world around us so that we can take the most direct path to abundance and avoid any pitfalls. It can also be a reminder to use a divinatory tool such as the runes or the Tarot to take a closer look at the situation. What are we missing?

There is also an element of being willing to get out of the comfort zone in order to shift to a more prosperous timeline. This can start with doing something new and different, something out of the ordinary daily routine, in order to loosen the energies and prepare for change. You can think of this as giving birth to a new, more prosperous version of yourSELF. How does she move? What are her likes and hobbies, etc?

Finally, Perthro shows up as an ‘expect the unexpected’ reminder of Wyrd a lot of the time. Knowing exactly what to expect would throw a spanner in what is already being worked out through Divine Providence. We are simply not meant to know exactly how things will pan out. The Fates are working on it. We must let things percolate and attend to other practical matters in the world around us until the time is right. Trust and be still until it’s time to start pushing again.

Perthro for Personal Power

As a Dragon Code for personal power, Perthro reminds us that we have the creative power to give birth to something completely new–even a new and improved version of the Self. This is no small thing. But first, we must access the cauldron or the womb of creation. We must be willing to face the void and leave the known shores for unchartered waters.

What can you imagine when you peer into the void? Therein lies your true power!

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