runic dragon code 18 berkana

Dragon Code 18 Berkana

Berkana for Peace of Mind

Dragon Code 18, Berkana, is the runic dragon code for nurturing. Berkana is also sometimes spelt Berkano. Berkana often shows up in a reading when we haven’t been engaging enough in self-care or our inner child is in need of attention.

This is the Goddess rune to the previous God rune, Tiwaz. Looking at the shape of both, it is easy to see how they complement each other.

Berkana means ‘birch’ and birch is the first tree that springs back to life after the long Northern winter. It’s a sign of the regenerative forces of Nature and the Goddess herself.

We all come from Her and it is to Her we shall one day return. Knowing that she cares so abundantly for us and provides for all our needs, brings us peace of mind. It is also possible to grant ourselves the gift of peace by assuming responsibility for anybody in our care as well as our own inner child.

Peace of mind Berkana-style can also come from engaging in any creative activity that places us in a flow state. This is especially true whenever we engage in creativity more as play and indulge our inner child than with a view to producing something to put on display.

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Berkana for Prosperity

Being synonymous with the ever-abundant Mother Nature, Berkana is one of the best runes to use with Fehu for manifesting our desires. Chanting Berkana can help us activate the qualities of nurturing that are necessary to see a project through from start to finish.

Berkana corresponds with the sacral chakra. Visualise what you wish to manifest in the womb space, or hara, if you are male. Then project that vision into the Universe for manifestation. You can use a downward-pointing triangle hand shape (using both hands) over the womb space/hara. When you are done visualising what you wish to give birth to, allowing yourself to feel it as if it is already ‘alive’ within you, turn your triangle around and present the upward-pointing triangle to the Universe at the level of the third eye

Berkana for Personal Power

Berkana represents the gentle power of the Divine Feminine but there is also a strong element of protection inherent in this dragon code. In nature, you will find no more formidable opponent than a mother protecting her young.

You can create a bindrune for protecting your own children with Berkana and Algiz.

Berkana also helps us rise up in our creative power by helping us simply flow with our gifts. There is no need to compare ourselves to others. Each of us is a unique child of the Goddess. Use Berkana to protect yourself against the poison of comparison by drawing it over your phone before you scroll through your social media feed!

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