runic dragon code 19 ehwaz

Dragon Code 19 Ehwaz

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runic dragon code 19 ehwaz

Ehwaz for Peace of Mind

Dragon Code 19, Ehwaz, is a rune of trust. Ehwaz is known as the horse rune in Norse Mythology. It corresponds to Sleipnir, Odin’s trusty eight-legged steed. Yggdrasil, the Norse Tree of Life, literally means the Steed of Ygg (Odin). This is a metaphor for the substance of water carrying consciousness into deeper layers of knowing, i.e. the sub- and supra-conscious realms.

This is also why water has such a calming effect. It relaxes the conscious mind and creates conductivity between all layers of our being, unifying our energy field. Ehwaz duplicates and mirrors Laguz, the lake/water rune. This is a great entry point for a meditation on how we connect with ourselves emotionally. The psyche/soul, intuition and our emotions all correspond with Water.

Sleipnir is the shaman’s horse that makes it possible for him to visit different realms through dreamwork (lucid dreaming) and astral projection. These kinds of journeys are highly dependent on adequate hydration. They also require trust in oneself and the journey.

This rune, in a nutshell, is about trusting in a medium to carry us into unknown realms, even if those realms are already parts of ourselves. We must do so without judgment in order to learn and grow from our journeys.

Thus, for the ‘as within so without,’ Ehwaz represents the union of lovers in marriage. Here too, we require trust. And the medium along which this trust travels once again relates to the Element of Water since love is an emotion.

The obvious pairing for a working for greater peace of mind is Ehwaz + Ansuz, Odin’s rune (consciousness). These two runes can balance the heart and mind, especially when bound with Gebo.

runic dragon code 19 ehwaz trust

Ehwaz for Prosperity

When it comes to prosperity, Ehwaz can help us trust in our inspiration for any new venture. Its energy helps us take the necessary steps for moving forward by taking our feelings of excitement seriously enough to act on them. Use it with Thurisaz to obliterate any obstacles along the way.

Use Ehwaz to locate the best and most trustworthy business partners. A good bindrune pairing for this is together with Fehu.

Ehwaz for Personal Power

There is enormous power to harness from within with Ehwaz. All we have to do is move forward as soon as our inspiration and intuition nudge us. Ehwaz is asking us to not doubt and question this inner guidance. Learn to view this inner GPS system with the same trust our ancestors had for their steeds.

Secondly, Ehwaz represents the power we need to take us into unknown territory, even into the realm of the dead/the underworld if we are so required. This is the power of shamanic journeying. And this is the power that smashes the limitations imposed on us by archontic mind programming.

Draw Ehwaz over your third eye before falling asleep and set the intention to become lucid in your dreams. Or use Ehwaz, Algiz (for protection), and Perthro (for increased clairvoyant ability) together as a bindrune for the same purpose or to astral project.

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