Runic Dragon Code 2 Uruz

dragon code 2 uruz

Uruz for Peace of Mind

The Dragon Code 2, Uruz, is the rune of power. Uruz is about our essence as pure energy and how this energy connects to the universe around us. So with Uruz, peace comes from understanding how our individual energy connects with the energy of people, events and circumstances that we interact with and immerse ourselves in. And sometimes, peace comes from understanding how to shield ourselves from unwanted energies.

For instance, we need to learn about the kinds of things (and people) that potentially drain our power. Peace of mind comes from understanding that Nature is always more generous with Her energy than people. Therefore, we need energetic boundaries in our relationships with people. And we need to spend more time in Nature to replenish.


Uruz for Prosperity

Fehu is the rune of abundance and Uruz is the rune of pure power. To generate more prosperity, all we have to do is combine Uruz with Fehu in either a glyph, aka a bindrune, or by chanting the sounds of these two runes together.

Uruz is pronounced OO-rooz.

In a sense, Uruz is also a rune of abundance since it generates more of whatever it is combined with. Want an abundance of joy? Combine Uruz with Wunjo, for instance.

Hence, Uruz needs to be used in moderation. Too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing, as we all know…

Uruz for Personal Power

As previously stated, Uruz is the rune of power. However, it needs binding with other dragon codes or with Gaia directly, in order for us to harness this power efficiently. Uruz is wild power, the primal power of the Universe and, undirected, it can easily become a force of destruction.

The Dragons are very much a more undiluted expression of the Uruz energy than we humans. That’s because they live from the heart and not the mind. The same goes for any fierce, strong beasts such as the aurochs, after whom the Uruz rune was named. Dragons are able to constantly replenish their own energy and power. Their fire breath is a sign of this ability.

Humans can also learn to replenish depleted energy by using the Breath of Fire. Try chanting Sowilo-Uruz three times while focusing on your solar plexus chakra before doing a round of the Breath of Fire. Repeat as needed.

The Uruz rune is especially good for powering up the lower three chakras. You can for instance chant Uruz while grounding your energy into Earth’s Core. The best way to do this is standing up outside, barefoot to get the full effect of Earthing.

At the level of the Sacral Chakra, combine Uruz with Laguz to strengthen and replenish a weak second chakra. The second chakra is where connect our energy to that of people we are intimate with. Sometimes this chakra is overactive. In that instance, we are better off shielding than trying to put more power and energy through it. Remember that personal power and self-awareness go hand in hand.

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  1. The idea of Uruz as a rune of power and its association with peace of mind is a powerful reminder that we are all connected, and our energy is an essential part of who we are. By understanding how our energy interacts with the world around us, we can find peace of mind, set boundaries, and replenish our energy to lead a more fulfilling life.

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