runic dragon code 20 mannaz

Dragon Code 20 Mannaz

runic dragon code 20 mannaz

Mannaz for Peace of Mind

Runic Dragon Code 20, Mannaz, is in many ways the ultimate ‘peace of mind’ rune. It signifies embodied consciousness. The more conscious and awake we are, the better able we are at maintaining a peaceful state of mind. It’s really quite simple but, as we all know, very few things that are simply in 3D are easy.

So how can we become more conscious and aware? Bear in mind that the ultimate goal is to embody your higher self. The trick is to aim for all the higher-vibrational intellectual pursuits. That is to say, those pursuits that strive for harmony and union between heart and mind. Stay away from anything that is discordant and creates fragmentation of your true will.

The embodiment of consciousness means emotional harmony and equilibrium. This is because the embodied higher mind has to be the servant of the heart. As divine co-creators of existence, we only achieve peace of mind when our creations spring from the heart. Only that which is created out of love has eternal value.

Try this Mannaz Tarot spread for peace of mind.

runic dragon code 20 mannaz

Mannaz for Prosperity

When a human incarnates on Earth, it is in part to learn how to generate prosperity from the work of his or her hands. This may seem hard to believe at times, but our souls actually came here because we craved to learn deeply what it means to earn a living through the sweat of our brow. Work provides meaning and gives us one of the greatest joys in life: colleagues/peers. When we relate to people through a shared common experience of what gives us meaning, we expand the horizons of our consciousness. This sometimes leads to great innovations.

In fact, innovation is one of the keywords to bear in mind for generating prosperity with the help of the energy of Mannaz. This becomes easier when we expand our embodied consciousness both into the subconscious and supra-conscious realms. There are many examples throughout history of inventors accessing information that leads to great inventions in a state of sleep or trance which helped them transcend ordinary waking consciousness.

Use Mannaz with Ehwaz and Ansuz for innovative teamwork.

Use Mannaz with Sowilo and Fehu to bring your own innovation to a point of generating cash.

Mannaz for Personal Power

Being human is a superpower in its own right. Let’s not forget that it takes great courage to choose an incarnation on Earth, one of the densest of any realms where the conscious mind can incarnate and learn.

Take pride in being human. This is true even if you have had many non-human incarnations. Let’s face it, most of those will have been a piece of cake compared to this one.

Essentially Mannaz reminds us that we are here for our soul’s evolution, and to assist others in achieving the same. Every experience counts and everything we can learn from (which is everything) is something our soul gains from. Hence there is no point in harbouring regret. When regret lingers Mannaz helps us transmute it into wisdom with the help of Ansuz and Othala (deep ancestral wisdom in our DNA).

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