runic dragon code 3 thurisaz

Runic Dragon Code 3 Thurisaz

runic dragon code 3, thurisaz

Thurisaz for Peace of Mind

In the mind of my Norse Ancestors, Thurisaz was a symbol of Thor, protector of the people. The shape of the rune is a symbol of Mjölnir, his hammer. Source did not drop us here on Earth without fierce protection. Runic Dragon Code 3, Thurisaz, teaches us peace of mind by opening our eyes to the protection that is available to us.

The Dragons that arrived in our corner of the galaxy when Earth was created did so with powers to destroy and create. These dragons were the very beings that our ancestors referred to as ‘gods’ and made up stories about. These powerful beings of pure energy can take any form they wish. Their shape-shifting ability is also attested in the Eddas and Sagas.

You can invoke the protective power of the intelligence of Thurisaz any time when you feel a need for protection from hostile forces. In the ascended state of 5D consciousness, we never use this dragon code to cause harm to others. There is simply no need. But we may still need to protect ourselves from time to time.


Thurisaz for Prosperity

One of the best uses of the Thurisaz Dragon Code is to smash up any limiting beliefs we have about our ability to generate abundance. It is the slayer of poverty consciousness. To understand the true nature of abundance, see Fehu.

We can use Thurisaz as a pattern interrupt any time we find ourselves in the mire of want and poverty consciousness. Simply chant the rune name three times and invoke the blessing of the Hammer. My Norse Ancestors used the Hammer blessing for protection, abundance, and fertility.

If you feel bombarded with negative thought input, you can visualise the Thurisaz rune all around you, with the sharp point pointing out. Visualise the negative thoughts as soap bubbles that pop on the thorn as soon as they get too close.

Thurisaz for Personal Power

If you suffer from self-doubt, it may be helpful to treat those thoughts the same way you treated thoughts centred on poverty consciousness.

However, to make the most of this Dragon Code in terms of self-empowerment, use it together with physical exercise or some form of movement. This is an action-oriented rune that does not work well with just sitting around. If there are foes in the form of negative thoughts, get that energy moving!

Try chanting Thurisaz three times to power up before you do your workout and notice the difference!

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