Dragon Code 4 Ansuz

runic dragon code 4 ansuz

Ansuz for Peace of Mind

Working with runic dragon code 4, Ansuz, brings us peace of mind because it helps us remember that the channels of divine communication are always open. Whatever worries we have, we can hand them over to our loving Mother-Father God and our spirit helpers. If we are stuck, we can ask for guidance. And guidance always comes.

Ansuz is a reminder to pray always. But not to pray from a place of disempowerment and in a grovelling way. We are beloved children of Source. There is no chance that we are one Earth by accident or that there is something inherently wrong with our Essence. Source, the angels, and our Spirit Team is always waiting for us to open up to divine communication for guidance and inspiration. Because we are so very loved.

You can use traditional formulas when you pray if they don’t trigger you into shame and submission. Choose the ones that are inherently uplifting if you choose to use any kind of religious formula. However, you don’t need to use words that someone else came up with. It is more important by far that your prayers flow from the heart.

Prayer can also be silent communion with the Divine. When we are in a state of deep gratitude and bliss, we are always in the flow of divine communication, whether we use words or not.

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Ansuz for Prosperity

As previously mentioned, Fehu is the rune to use to call forth increased prosperity. But how do we call this prosperity forth? By the use of divine communication! We do it by aligning our thoughts, words, and actions with the never-ending flow of abundance from Source.

Divine communication begins in the mind. What are your thoughts about money currently? Is it that you have to work hard? Or that money is hard to come by? Is money dark energy and are rich people the scum of the earth?

If you have negative thoughts about money, it will affect your ability to earn a decent income. Start by clearing your mind and using Thurisaz to smash those negative beliefs. Then use positive affirmations to rewire your mind (see Ansuz for Personal Power on how).

Ansuz for Personal Power

Personal Power through the lens of Ansuz is about the words we use about ourselves. Of course, the words we speak come from the habitual thoughts we have about ourselves. If you have a harsh inner critic, for instance, his (I use his because it usually relates to the father) voice is looping in the back of our minds. These are negative thoughts that occur hundreds of times a day.

So how do we rewire our minds and begin using more positive language about ourselves? We do this through daily meditation and the use of positive affirmations. Meditation helps us distance ourselves from identifying with the mind. It’s only when we have achieved a bit of space between our thoughts and our True Self that we can observe them. The goal of observing our thoughts is to remain neutral and not judge what comes up. This is actually quite easy when we realise that most of our thoughts are just based on dodgy programming.

When it comes to positive affirmations, the most powerful statements are I AM statements. These statements become even more powerful when combined with mirror work. Bear in mind that affirmations must always be stated in the present tense, using only positive statements. Some examples of self-empowering affirmations are I AM powerful, I AM sovereign, I AM a beloved child of the Universe etc. Please feel free to make up your own.

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