Dragon Code 6 Kenaz

dragon code 6 kenaz

Kenaz for Peace of Mind

Dragon Code 6, Kenaz, represents divine inspiration that puts you in a state of creative flow. Peace of mind comes from not resisting this flow state. In fact, the more often we allow ourselves to flow with creative inspiration, the more peace of mind we will experience.

The flow-state is often described as a timeless state of being. When we lose ourselves in creative inspiration, we lose track of time. We may even forget to eat. It’s a truly blessed state of mind. It is our birthright to experience this state daily. So think of how you can incorporate more of this into your daily schedule. Maybe you need to watch less TV or stop social media scrolling to make some room for creativity.

Divine inspiration has as many expressions as there are individuals. Creativity may look like building things for one person and like music or dance improvisation for another. There is absolutely no point in comparing your creative flow-state to that of others. The point is to just immerse yourself.

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Kenaz for Prosperity

If Kenaz leads to increased earning power, it can seem almost incidental. The reason for this is that every move in the direction of generating an income doing what you are truly passionate about and divinely inspired to do will mostly happen through synchronicity.

Other than placing yourself regularly in the flow state, there are two things you can do for these synchronicities to flow strongly in your daily life.

  • Make sure you have plenty of kindling. To stay inspired, you need to nurture your creative fire with ‘kindling.’ Kindling consists of the kinds of things that nurture your intellect, spirit and emotions. This could include taking yourself on a date to an art gallery, hugging a tree, reading a classic, visiting the Opera, or spending time around animals/by the ocean.
  • Trust your inner guidance. The more you trust in and follow signs and synchronicities, the more of them you will begin to notice. Abundance flows to you when you act on these signs and synchronicities!

Kenaz for Personal Power

Kenaz leads to personal power when you commit to mastering your passion. This is a process that demands patience and perseverance. Think, for instance, of a master smith working away in the forge. How many years and failed creations did it take for him to achieve the status of a master? Or think of a concert violinist performing before a captive audience. How many times did his family members have to stop their ears to prevent themselves from going crazy when he was a young child?

Personal power comes not from perfection but from persevering in honing our craft. Being a little bit better today than we were yesterday is totally fine and enough.

You can combine Kenaz with Uruz for greater strength and ability to persevere in your artistic or creative pursuits. Use Thurisaz to smash any doubts or limiting beliefs about your ability to succeed.

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” 
Ferdinand Foch

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