Releasing Worthlessness


It is Tuesday , the moon stands in the zodiac sign Aquarius , waxing (2nd Quater)

Here are some influencing powers of the day: element is air, apparatus adenoids, quality of the day light day, part of plant blossom, body zone: ankle, veins, lower leg, color: yellow, complementary color: red/blue


Vibration: Third eye chakra

Keywords: Rebirth, change, spiritual awakening

Bats are the only mammals that can fly. They have an acute sense of hearing and smell and use their ultrasonic echo-location to navigate. Traditionally, bats were said to give power over demons, and it is considered a lucky omen if you see a bat flying during the daylight hours. Bats are commonly associated with the time of the dark moon, with magic and sorcery.


Bat means a change of consciousness is rising within you. Your spiritual life is expanding, causing you to look at areas of your life in a new way. With Bat you can expect a change. There is often the need to let go of outmoded habits, patterns, or beliefs when Bat is appearing around you. Be prepared for the challenges that change always brings and be willing to step into your future, having freed yourself of those unhelpful parts of your past. It is likely that you will have been experiencing deep inner feelings – perhaps outer circumstances have been difficult, restrictive, or obstructive. When Bat appears, it is a sign from the void within you that change is near.

Magical exercise – Releasing your past

On the third night from a full moon, take a dark blue candle and some neutral paper. Dedicate the candle to Cassiel (angel of Saturn, the planet of lessons and timing) before you light it. Conjure up limitations – such as negativity or stagnation. Write them down on pieces of paper and burn them in the candle, releasing your patterns into the flame. Bury the candle with respect.

High note: Consciousness awakens your flight to freedom. Low note: This too will pass.

Personal notes

This card speaks to me at a very deep level, and I wasn’t surprised that it showed up at this point in time. There has been so much emotional hurt in the past couple of days, that I just know that a big change is on its way. When people come into your life as friends and then treat you like you’re completely worthless, it always happens for a reason.

I know why I attracted this particular experience; It was to highlight my own deep-rooted feelings of worthlessness. I will do the magical exercise described above after the next full moon, and rid myself of this negativity once and for all. This, in turn, will mean that I won’t attract friendships like this in the future.

Staying Open

The danger is shutting my heart down and choosing not to trust the people that come my way, but I’m aware of that danger, and I will choose trust and love, even when it means being vulnerable. I will also choose to remain transparent… It was my transparency that helped bring about the culmination of the friendship that I just lost, and I’m glad I had the courage to speak my truth. My integrity is intact.