freedom teachers and artists

Freedom Teachers and Artists

freedom teachers and artists

Recently, it’s as if Spirit has been guiding me to videos and posts by spiritual teachers and artists who have been propping up the narrative in the past couple of years. What’s remarkable is that it often seems to be the only reason I stumble across their work again, sometimes after many years of no contact. This is why I now have decided to make a focused effort. From now on, I will actively seek out and support spiritual teachers and artists who speak out against the current tyranny–Freedom teachers and artists.

The Freedom Teachers and Artists are who I will spend my money on and with. But where are they all? They seem few and far between. Other than myself, I’m only aware of a couple of spiritual teachers who have spoken out. And I haven’t got a clue if there even are any deck artists who have had the courage to speak out.

Freedom Teachers – Brave Souls

Some of the people I know who have spoken out are Richard Abbot, Pam Gregory, and Amanda Ellis. If you know of others, please name them in the comments or send me an email. It is starting to feel urgent to help those who have put their necks on the line.

As you know, speaking out against the narrative is usually costly. The cabal made sure it would be before they rolled it out. This is also the reason why many scientists, out of a sense of self-preservation, have chosen to say nothing, making those who do speak out seem like outliers (though this is changing rapidly now).

Christian Spiritual Teachers

Perhaps the hardest thing for me to accept back in 2020 was that mainstream Christianity would choose to side with the narrative. But not just mainstream, smaller denominations too seemed utterly blind to guidance by the Holy Spirit on this matter.

This was the reason why I left the Vineyard church I joined in the summer of 2020 only weeks after joining. Now I see that this was all part of my awakening to higher levels of consciousness, precipitated by a Dark Night of the Soul. During this spiritual crisis, I had to regress in order to deconstruct my Christian faith. The Spirit of Christ is still with me.

New Age Spiritual Teachers

I often wonder about people like Wayne W. Dyer who is no longer with us. Would he have spoken out? I don’t think any of his HayHouse colleagues have.

Someone who recently disappointed me was Diana Cooper. I liked her work with the Dragons. I didn’t agree with everything she said but she is one of the few spiritual teachers of renown who mentions dragons. Sadly, I found this video. Other than to say, I’m not a Trump-fan… but NWO-puppet Obama as a Priest of Atlantis (WTAF!?) I will let the video speak for itself.

Freedom Artists?

Harder to find, even than spiritual teachers, seem to be artists who speak out. Perhaps this is not so strange. Many of them struggle financially to start with and when you lead an already precarious existence, it can seem like actual suicide to stick your head above the parapet. I also suspect many of them have chosen to just focus on their own creative journey and not get involved. Some may just be natural introverts and may never have bothered with the world around them much.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no shortage of Tarot and oracle deck artists who have chosen to stick their necks out to support the narrative. One of my more disappointing findings was this Instagram post. I can’t unsee it now. Thankfully, I hadn’t ordered the new deck of hers that I had planned on buying. Another deck I didn’t order was one that had ‘Novo Ordo Secolorum’ (New World Order) as XXI The World.

Imagine buying a deck the deck with ‘The 3rd Reich’ as The World during WWII… The NWO is the 4th Reich, also known as the 4th Industrial Revolution that all the globalist politicians are so fond of. I don’t want artwork that resonates with the NWO anywhere near me. The freedom vibe is more than welcome though.

If you are an artist who supports freedom of choice, please let me know. I would especially love to hear from those of you who actively fight for our freedoms and the freedoms of future generations.

Cancel culture was pretty much invented by the people who wrote the script for the narrative we are currently under. There are more of us than them, even though many have yet to awaken… I say we flip the tables on them!


Lisa Frideborg

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