Hey, Tarot Reader! Are You an Introvert?

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Most psychics, healers and Tarot readers I know are introverts and I most certainly am myself. If you’re not sure where in the spectrum you fall, you can take this TEST to see if you are an introvert, an extrovert or possibly even an ambivert (sic!). One of the main challenges as a Tarot reader is to find a way …

The Reversed Queens - Tarot of the Ages

B*tch Please

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Following yesterday’s post about the reversed Knights and Kings called 8 Types of W*nkers, it is only fair that we do a post on the reversed Queens too.

You may think it’s unfair of me to only write about four different types of bitches when I’ve listed a whopping eight types of wankers… but then life isn’t fair and I don’t necessarily feel the need to explain myself.