3 of Pentacles Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

3 of Pentacles Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

Are you excited about your growth, professional development and working together with others in order to make your vision come alive? If not, you need a dose of the good old 3 of Pentacles! The 3 of Pentacles is Mars in Capricorn energy and fiery, driven Mars is exalted in hard-working Capricorn.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
― Helen Keller

Holistic Tarot card meanings and correspondences for the 3 of Pentacles
3 of Pentacles from the Frideborg Tarot

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
― Phil Jackson

This is a card that acknowledges that you have much-needed and completely unique, God-given creative gifts. You are responsible for developing and perfecting these gifts for the Highest Good. Finding the right people to work together with is also part of the journey. These are the people who will be your teammates and cheerleaders but will also hold you accountable. In turn, you will do the same for them. This is how the work progresses to much higher heights than if each of you tried to achieve the same outcomes on your own.

A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.
― Larry Bird

Affirmation: “A spirit of teamwork guides me in all I do and supports me in doing my best.”

3 of Pentacles Prayer

3 of Pentacles Tarot Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, thank you for my calling and the gifts that come with it. Help me develop these gifts in a spirit of teamwork and to rejoice in the knowledge that my unique skills are useful for the Highest Good. Amen and so it is!

Correspondences for the 3 of Pentacles

Planet: Mars

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Archangel: Uriel, ruler of the Element of Earth

Gemstones: Snowflake obsidian, garnet and jet

Essential oils: Sandalwood, patchouli and benzoin

The 3 of Pentacles in Love and Relationships

Too much work and maybe not enough play could be indicated with this card. You probably look good in public. Stuff like that is important to both of you… but how much fun are you having?

All relationships go through phases. This is a phase when one or both of you is focusing on getting the work done. You could be involved in a taxing project. You could be feeling as if your spouse is ‘married to work.

To single people, this card combined with the 2 of Cups or the Knight of Cups could indicate that you’ll meet someone through work.

Reversed or ill dignified, the 3 of Pentacles could signify that someone has taken advantage of you sexually and/or financially.

The Marseille Tarot image in this post is from the CBD Tarot by Yoav Ben-Dov.

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