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9 of Cups, Logion 56, and My 10 Year Biz Anniversary

9 of Cups, Logion 56, and my 10 Year Biz Anniversary

Logion 56 and the Next 10 Years of My Business

Yeshua said, “Whoever has known the world has found a corpse. Whoever has found a corpse, of them the world isn’t worthy.”

Gospel of Thomas, Logion 56

The 9 of Cups, the Tarot card of the day, can sometimes signify a celebration and today I am definitely celebrating. Last year it was touch and go if my business would survive. Today I celebrate 10 years as a self-employed Tarot reader. As per Logion 56, I found a corpse last year. My ‘Big Why’ was not firmly anchored in the Realm. I honestly didn’t know if my business would survive what turned into a humdinger Dark Night of the Soul.

But I came out the other side with a stronger sense of what truly matters. What matters is staying true to myself as well as my vertical alignment. From there, I began to find a new direction for my Tarot work. This series of putting the Tarot card of the day into the context of a daily passage from the Gospel of Thomas is one result of the reorientation that followed my Dark Night.

In Jean-Yves Leloup’s translation, which I prefer for Logion 56, it says: ‘And whosoever discovers a corpse cannot be contained by the world.‘ It just makes more sense that it is about freedom rather than somehow seeing others as ‘unworthy.’

9 of Cups and Nourishment from Within

In the companion text for the Tarot of the Holy Light, Christine Payne-Towler says this about the 9 of Cups:

“This state of (temporary) bliss reflects the fact that you are living right, your contribution is appreciated, and you are recognized for the beauty and bounty you bring to the world.”

Living right is about living for the Realm of God and bringing the light and love from that Eternal Kingdom into the world. Payne-Towler expresses a similar sentiment in the companion text:

“The branches bear exquisite mystical illuminations (the Cups) which settle among them like astral dew. The soul is constantly nourished from the invisible side of life, via the subtle metabolism of the Astral Plane.”

When you discover that living for material things or comparing your work to the work of others is like devoting your life to a corpse, you are already in the process of setting yourself free. It’s usually the first step in remembering your true origins, life purpose, and how to receive true nourishment for your soul. Then you can begin living from that place where the soul constantly receives nourishment from within.

However, there is a temptation along the way. This temptation is very much associated with the Cups suit. In particular with the 9 of Cups. This is because Jupiter in Pisces tends toward excess when it comes to anything that turns up the feel-good factor. The temptation is to replace nourishment for the soul from Spirit with spirits or other consciousness-altering substances. In my own Tarot deck, the Frideborg Tarot, I chose imagery that hints at the potential dangers of excess. There will be no alcohol at today’s celebration!

9 of Cups Frideborg Tarot

Thank you!

Thank you to all followers/readers of the blog, and to all my clients and customers through the years. May you never return here to find a corpse! Here’s to the next 10 years!


Lisa Frideborg

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