speak your truth tarot challenge

Speak Your Truth Tarot Challenge

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Last night, I found this Instagram Speak Your Truth Tarot Challenge by Mariëlle S. Smith, author of Tarot for Creatives. I found Tarot for Creatives really helpful for my healing journey back in 2020. The Speak Your Truth Challenge is also available in book format. As it is International Women’s Day 2023 today, I would like to honour a fellow female tarot creative and highlight her work. But this is also an opportunity for me to explore how to better speak my truth.

I will blog about what I discover about speaking my truth for the first four prompts of this challenge here. You will be able to find the rest of my discoveries on my new @tarotfoolforchrist Instagram page.

speak your truth tarot challenge day 1

What Does Speaking My Truth Mean to Me?

2 of swords RWS tarot

It means feeling that I need to be very careful with my words. Because whatever I say will upset someone. The 2 of Swords is Moon in Libra. I see this card as the need to align the mind with the heart before speaking. Instead of saying what I believe the other person wants to hear (mind), I would do better to speak more from the heart. I’m discovering that I have been way more of a people-pleaser than I thought I was, especially in religious settings. And I’m working to recover from that now.

How Have I Been Speaking My Truth?

speak your truth challenge day 2

I feel that my latest blog post captures my true voice, and also the piece I wrote about boundaries not long ago.

knight of pentacles rws tarot

In the first article I mention, I feel that the Knight of Pentacles represents my awareness that I need to be patient and persevere with my healing process. And it was really a ‘shoulder to the wheel’ moment for me yesterday so I feel this is very apt. I speak my truth as someone who is determined not to give up or give in.

ace of pentacles rws tarot

The second piece I mention precedes the first article. It represents the beginning of a new awareness of a lack of wholeness due to a lack of boundaries. I really couldn’t have picked a better card than the Ace of Pentacles. Do I speak my truth from this awareness? I hope so!

I love that both cards are from the earth element suit. How I long to ground the mustard seed of my faith and put roots down!

What Truth Have I Been Yearning to Speak?

the wheel of fortune rws tarot

I have been yearning to communicate a grander, more expansive and inclusive vision of God, one not limited by patriarchal ideas and ideals. I’ve felt limited and restricted by religious subculture. Again, I could not have chosen a better card than the Wheel of Fortune. My eyes are drawn to the symbols of the four evangelists in the corners of the card. John (Suit of Cups), in particular, had an incredibly expansive vision of Jesus. It’s apt that he is soaring in the symbol of the eagle.

The expansive energy of The Wheel is the medicine required as the antidote to shrinking God. And didn’t I give up shrinking God for Lent?

Why Has the Time Come for Me to Speak This Truth?

4 of Cups RWS Tarot

This is the Cup I have refused for too long, thinking of myself as not worthy. And to be fair, I can be lazy. I prefer to stay in my comfort zone and daydream. But essentially, I’m suffering from religious trauma disorder and CPTSD and find it difficult to sustain the vision of what I know to be true deep down. This is why I need that hand of Spirit to help me sustain it. I rely on God’s grace. And if God passes me this Cup, I will gladly take it this time.

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