full moon in taurus tarot spread 2019

Full Moon in Taurus Tarot Spread

Full Moon in Taurus Tarot Spread 2019

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Taurus is approaching and with it, tension is rising. Though generally considered auspicious, this lunation is asking us to dig a bit deeper and to resolve an inner, ongoing conflict once and for all. The clarity we need for this will be made available for us and I was Spirit-guided to create a Tarot spread for those who feel they need a bit of extra help with this.

2019 Full Moon in Taurus Tarot Spread

  1. Battle Ground – This card reveals what your inner conflict is all about. It will reveal it is to do with relationships (including the most important relationship – the one with yourself), life-purpose, how you express yourself/creative output, any spiritual lesson you are stuck on (a Major Arcana card will show for this) or abundance. This card represents the Sun-Moon opposition and how it is affecting you.
  2. Bodily Desire – This is the physical aspect of you highlighted during this very physical and sensual lunation. Make sure to not judge what you see here. Simply note what the desire looks like for you and try to guage if it is for the Highest Good to satisfy this desire or not. Perhaps there is a temperate way of satisfying it, without overindulging or going overboard? This card represents the Moon in Taurus.
  3. Soul Alignment Need – This card reveals how to best align with Source and nurture your soul right now, so that the conflict can be resolved. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is the messenger between your soul and Source for the purpose of this message.
  4. Mediating Influence – This is Neptune in Pisces allowing you to gain a new, more helpful perspective during this lunation. It may show you an area where forgiveness is needed.

2019 Full Moon in Taurus Sample Reading

Full Moon in Taurus Tarot Spread 2019 - Sample reading with the Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Legacy of the Divine Tarot ***

Battle Ground – The Empress. I’m conflicted about what I wish to give birth to right now. My creativity is not flowing evenly and I keep changing directions. I increasingly feel myself coming up to a crossroads where I must choose and that this new choice is what will create more balance in the flow of my creativity. This concerns my work which I consder to be both creative and nurturing but it’s the nurturing part of me that is asking to grow and expand. (The Empress)
Bodily Desire – To be able to communicate in meaningful and growth-promoting ways. More and more, I feel that this must happen outside the comfort zone I’ve placed myself in. I wish to become a psychopomp, a mental medium. I grow restless at the thought of wasting more time NOT doing this work. (The Magician)
Soul Alignment Need – This is about my alignment with my team in spirit. I need to make developing intimate relationships with each of them a top priority. Yesterday, I had a wonderful meditation experience which confirmed this for me. (2 of Cups)
Mediating Influence – I need to face any fear of not being good enough to become an evidential mental medium. I must simply my life and peel away the influences that make me go into overwhelm mentally. Additionally, I need to make space for Spirit by clearing any niggling doubts. I do this by faithfully creating a space for Spirit to enter into meditation. When I successfully did this yesterday, I felt great healing take place and I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time – a good sign that this is the right path for me. (9 of Swords)

Blessed be!

Lisa Frideborg

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