how to stay true to your SELF in times of a pandemic

How to Stay True to Your SELF in Times of a Pandemic (with Tarot spread)

How to Stay True to Your SELF in Times of a Pandemic (with Tarot spread)
Strange times… Where’s the loo roll?

You matter. You matter more than ever. The quirks of your individuality and your unique gifts are what could make all the difference to somebody right now. It is appropriate to talk about individuality today, not just because of the Pandemic but because it is the vernal equinox (Ostara to Pagans) and we are entering into the month of Aries which is all about expressing our individuality.

Aries is known as a fearless, sometimes reckless, action-oriented sign. Aries is a leader and a fire starter. Aries inspires us to stay true to ourselves, no matter what. We need Aries medicine now and we can make sure that we get it as we emerge from under a soggy blanket of Piscean misinformation, delusion and confusion which worsened catastrophically during the retrograde. Though on the upside, we may find ourselves more compassionate and caring (the positive traits of Pisces).

The first thing to go in times of fear levels rising globally is our ability to assert our individuality; herd mentality inevitably kicks in. All it takes is a few peope buying stacks of toilet paper and all of sudden everybody is panic buying toilet paper, even though the logic behind the choice of item is scant to say the least.

We all need to calm down and figure out how we can best serve the collective. We can only help others if we are willing to help ourselves first. Proper self-care has never been more important.

Staying mentally strong and calm not only strengthens immunity (not least by helping us sleep better) but it helps us remember who we are and what we are good at, so that we can be effective Servants of Spirit.

At times like this we will see the best and the worst of humanity. It’s very easy to start focusing on the negative behaviour of others… but is that really helpful or does it drag us down in the dumps with them? Let’s encourage each other instead, yes?

Below is a wee Aries / Equniox I created to help you maintain your dignity and integrity in these strange times. May it serve you well!

Staying True to MySELF Tarot Spread

staying true to my SELF tarot spread

1. How this pandemic is affecting my personality

2. What I need to do less of to return to my centre

3. What I need to do more of to be more of like my true SELF

4. My strength/talent

5. How I can use this strength/talent to be of service to others

There is no one size fits all for how to stay true to yourself, of course – That’s why I thought this Tarot spread might be helpful as we navigate unchartered waters together.

But please remember, the little things matter now – perhaps more than ever, so in addition to heeding the advice of the Tarot, please look after yourself. Be kind to yourself and don’t combat fear with addiction (a risk with Mercury and Neptune still in Pisces).

When you have a clear mind, the solutions can flow to you effortlessly.

Looking for something to do during lockdown? Check out my FREE Tarot resources page!

Stay strong, my friends!

Love and Blessings

Lisa Frideborg

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