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2022 Taurus Full Moon Eclipse (with Tarot Spread)

Taurus Full Moon Eclipse

The Taurus Full Moon Eclipse takes place on 8 November at 08:02 UTC. Full Moon Eclipses are always lunar eclipses. This means the culmination of a cycle and big endings. It can also mean revelations of things that have been hidden from view or wilfully covered up. A Full Moon Eclipse is a great time to let go of any negative emotional attachments.

This particular lunar eclipse is total and takes place at 16° Taurus. You can view a visibility map for this eclipse HERE.

We have a massive future pull for this lunar eclipse which will make it easy to shed outdated values. This is because the Full Moon will be conjunct future-oriented Uranus and the equally future-oriented North Node in Taurus, while the Sun is conjunct Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. The Sun and Moon are always in opposition during a Full Moon (see chart below).

Remember that the effect of an eclipse lasts longer than a normal full moon. For an eclipse as jam-packed as this one, it is likely to run the full six months. There will be a lot to unpack and exactly what will depend on where in your chart the eclipse falls. Check where 16° Taurus falls in your natal chart on astro.com.

Taurus Full Moon Eclipse Chart

There is a Fixed Signs T-square between the Sun (Scorpio), Moon (Taurus) and Saturn (Aquarius). Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius and in its own sign, it puts the emphasis more on freedom and rebellion than on tradition. That said, it still makes us evaluate our relationship with tradition and our shared values as a society. With the Sun in this square and with the Moon conjunct the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, we get a strong theme of emotional liberation and a strong desire to move away from anything that has restricted our freedom in the past.

At the same time, Neptune is trine Venus, the ruler of Taurus, encouraging a heart-opening. Neptune is also square Mars Rx in Gemini which may make it difficult to make rational sense of what is happening. Based on what I see in this chart, I’d be tempted to say ‘Don’t bother; it shall all become apparent in due course.’ For some semblance of intellectual stability during this volatile eclipse, we have Saturn in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini.

taurus full moon lunar eclipse leap into liberation
The Fool is getting ready to leap into another cycle of evolution

Leap into Liberation

But remember Mars is still retrograde and will remain so until the 12 of January 2023. Any leap we make in the name of love, prompted by that heart-opening mentioned above will probably have to rely more on our gut feeling for now.

Taking also into consideration that the longstanding square between Saturn and Uranus is still active, we have to cope with the tension of wanting to leap into the freedom of the future and standing by while old structures are still burning to the ground.

But, all that said, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a great jumping-off point for the greater sense of liberation we are likely to experience in 2023 when Uranus finally leaves the square with Saturn.

Essentially, what this eclipse is all about is examining our values around safety vs freedom and letting go of those values that no longer serve us. In the Tarot spread below, we look at this and how to nurture the new emerging value(s) that serve us better.

The Leap into Liberation Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread

Leap into Liberation - A Tarot Spread for the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
  1. An old value I’m letting go of now
  2. The biggest challenge in letting go of the old/How I cling to what feels safe
  3. A new value emerging regarding freedom
  4. How my heart-opening is expressed or challenged
  5. Something unknown that is revealed or illuminated in my life
  6. How to best nurture my new value
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