The Archer Tarot Spread for the Saggie New Moon

Female Archer in chain mail

NB. While I created The Archer Tarot spread for the New Moon in Sagittarius 2015, the Tarot spread can be used for the New Moon in Sagittarius of any year or any time you wish to manifest a wish.

It’s the morning of the New Moon, 11 December 1347, the year before the Black Death came to visit England. You find yourself in a field surrounded by rowan, elm and oak. A few hundred yards away to the west, a manor house casts a long shadow in the low December sun. You are with a group of your friends on this sunny and relatively mild winter’s day… but many have gathered from far and wide to take part in a game of archery. 

There is a buzz in the air and you may not have gotten much sleep the night before. The stakes are high because the Lord of the Manor has decided to grant a Yuletide gift to the competition winner. It is a very generous gift indeed: Anything your heart desires, within reason, that the Lord has the power to give you.

The caveats are as follows:

It must be something that you wish for with all your heart and that is for yourself, not for another person.
It must be reasonable for the Lord to present you with the gift two weeks from today, on the next Full Moon, which is Christmas Day.

What would you wish for? How much effort would you put into trying to win the competition?

I’m taking you for some time travel today, to help you jog your imagination because without imagination you won’t be able to generate a vision for what you wish to manifest… and without a vision, there simply is no bullseye for the archer’s arrow to hit.

The Sign of The Archer

You find yourself in a Medieval archery field because the Moon is soon New in the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius, i.e. ‘The Archer.’ Sagittarius is also known as ‘The Visionary.’ The corresponding Tarot Major Arcana card is Temperance. You can read more about how to make the most of the Saggie New Moon energies HERE.

Between this New Moon on Friday 11th and the Full Moon on the 25th, many wonderful things could begin to happen… if you set the intent. And if you use the Tarot as a guide for your arrow, you are sure to succeed. Before you lay the cards out, take a moment to ponder what you will ask the Lord for. (The Lord is a metaphor for your Higher Will or Source, btw.)

The Archer Sagittarius New Moon Tarot Spread

The Archer Tarot Spread – Positional Meanings

  1. You. Shows you how fit you are for this ‘archery competition’
  2. The string. Shows how much effort you are likely to have to exert
  3. Bow & quiver. Shows you what assets you brought with you
  4. The shaft. Shows you how straight and smooth the flight path is likely to be
  5. Fletching. Shows you support and guidance from Spirit
  6. The arrowhead. Shows you where you have the edge
  7. The bullseye.Β Most likely outcome by the time of the Full Moon

I hope you have fun with this Tarot spread and that you don’t mind passing it along to your friends – Sharing is caring!

love raven liora

Click HERE to read about my name change.

PS. I randomly chose the year 1347 and found out that the New Moon just happened to be on the 11th in December that year too.

PPS. Those of you who are in the UK might get a kick out of knowing that the exact time of the Full Moon 25 December is 11:11 AM!

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  2. Another brilliantly conceived spread, Lisa. Thank you very much. I’ll be meditating on my spread for a bit, as it brought me mosrly major arcana and very powerful cards. Thanks for once again sharing your endless gifts.

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