burning black cat dream

The Burning Black Cat Dream

burning black cat dream

“There is no doubt in my mind that we are in the midst of a battle of good versus evil. Evil does appear to be winning right now with the majority under a spell. Sometimes, when we experience a shock, we over-correct.”

The above quote was a comment under a recent blog post titled ‘Is Tarot Satanic?‘ I don’t know who made the comment as they chose to be anonymous, using the alias ‘Just Anyone’ but I think the term over-correction is so perfect for some of my extreme behaviours this year.

In the aforementioned blog post from the other week, I talk about how I stopped all my intuitive practices after my metanoia moment in April this year. This morning, I had some more insights that I shared in the Insta post below. Some of these insights come from processing the comment above and some come from a dream about a burning black cat. Either way, I feel it’s all linked somehow.

The Burning Black Cat Dream

In the dream, I am standing next to a stove that has a big pot on a big ring that is on full. The fire is blazing the way it would if it were a log fire rather than a gas ring.

Onto the stove jumps a black cat. Before I know it (and to quickly for me to do anything about it), the cat has crawled under the pot, scorching its belly. Of course, on a normal stove that would not be possible but this is a dream stove, with a dream pot and a dream cat.

Terrified I watch the cat drag itself through and I remember thinking (rather illogically and callously), ‘Oh no, I’ll have to get a new cat!’ But then I think to myself, ‘I have nothing to lose, I’ll try to save it by putting it under the cold water tap,’ which I do promptly. After a minute or two the cat is fine, I draw a sigh of relief and then I wake up.

Dream Interpretation

In the Bible, Joseph who is perhaps the most famous dreamer and dream interpreter, always points out that it is God who gives the interpretation. The reason for this is that our normal, everyday consciousness that is too dense and base to be able to receive the information that could only come through in dreamtime, is also too dense and base to make sense of it.

Therefore, rather than trying to look the dream up in a ‘dream dictionary’ (waste of money), it is better to ask God to reveal the meaning in prayer. But that alone is not enough, you also need to make your mind receptive. Personally, I find that my mind is the most receptive when I’m out walking the dogs, running, typing (which is why I love email readings) or in the shower.

It was while I was out walking the dogs that God showed me the meaning of the burning black cat dream. The black cat is my intuition and the fire is the fire of judgment that I put my intuition through when I decided to stop all intuitive practices. Taking action to rescue the cat was my second metanoia moment this year when I realised I had gone to extremes.

The water has a triple meaning: it represents baptism, compassion (including self-love), and the psyche/psycich ability (intuition). We are not baptised in Christ to die from our intuition but to lovingly place it in alignment with His mind, the mind of God. The temptation/attempt to annihilate an intrinsic part of me came from not feeling loved/accepted – I can see that now.

burning black cat dream

The Frideborg Tarot Black Cat Card

The Black Cat card in my own Frideborg Tarot deck now almost seems prophetic to me. It has certainly taking on deeper layers of meaning thanks to the dream and all that means for how events unfolded this year!

Since this year is also the year of my Chiron return, I will be mindful in future readings with the Frideborg Tarot of how the Black Cat can represent erratic behaviour and extremes that come from deep, unhealed wounds.

Tarot Dream Interpretation with an Improvised Tarot Spread

Rather than used a fixed spread, I decided to lay the cards out in an intuitive pattern (see image at the top of the post). This spread shows the flow of events, as well as the subconscious driver and spiritual lesson (the quint).

I strongly recommend improvising spreads like this for dream interpretation. Even the intuitive act of laying out the cards where they ‘want to go’ can begin the process of unlocking new meanings.

God had already shown me the basic meaning of the dream and with the help of the Holy Spirit guiding me through the Tarot reading, I was able to flesh it out.

The Fire – Judgment

The Queen of Swords nurtures through the mind. She is the intellectual one out of the four Queens in the Tarot. This reminds me of what Richard Abbot said in the Mind Detox podcast interview the other day: ‘It’s actually easier for highly intelligent people to become brainwashed.’

The reason, according to Richard, is that it is easy for intelligent people to find all the evidence that supports their point of view. This is spot on because that is exactly what I set out to do! It didn’t take me long either, since I had sort of already been down the same path in my youth.

The Black Cat – Intuition

The Page of Pentacles reveals that the wound I have about my intuitive ability goes all the way back to when I was a child and also ties in with being taught to neglect what my body was telling me.

One particular event springs to mind: my very strict Russian Ballet teacher wrote to my dad to tell him that I was lazy because I was yawning a lot in class. I knew this wasn’t true but nevertheless I was severly reprimanded for yawning. A loving parent might have inquired about the reason but nobody did. I was lazy and that was it.

The real reason was that I was in a constant knot of anxiety due to childhood abuse, abandonment and trauma that led to sleeplessness and poor quality sleep.

Subconscious Driver/Shadow Card

The Queen of Pentacles here is the subconscious driver that led to me taking action. She was there to guide me from the shadows thanks to all the body and healing work I had done for well over two decades. She knew what the Black Cat (Page of Pentacles) needed.

My intuition needed a voice again. My body is the instrument of my instrument and my body had gone dumb and rigid, just as my mind had by trying to force myself to believe a fixed set of beliefs. This realisation dawned and just as soon as it did, I was back to practicing yoga again. Greater flexibility all around since yoga promotes the union between mind-body-spirit as well as union of all three!

Taking Action

The Emperor is an Aries energy card which is really interesting since this whole year has been my Chiron return. I have Chiron in Aries in the 11th House. The extreme actions I took to correct (the over-correction) what I felt was wrong happened in public and dealt with ideals (both 11th House themes).

The initial remedy proved worse than the cure and there had to be another remedy put in place – equally public which made it difficult. Nobody likes to eat humble pie. Well, I don’t anyway.

But I have taken action. I pulled the Black Cat off the stove and placed under the Baptismal Water. It involved me actively seeking healing and better balance. I have thus ‘fathered’ (Emperor) myself as well as ‘mothered myself’ (Queen of Pentacles).

Water – Baptism

The Magician represents the Logos to me in this specific reading because of its spiritual theme. To summarise: my intuition has been aligned with the Logos/Christ.

My psyche has been through a catharsis with near annihilation but all is well… ‘and all manner of things shall be well’ to quote Julian of Norwich.

A renewal of mind has taken place.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Romans 12:2

Quint – Spiritual Lesson

The Chariot is a card of willpower, success and determination. If you do not know yourself, you will be serving under someone else’s will. You become easily manipulated and brainwashed.

With its Cancer correspondence, the Chariot also touches on how we nurture. In the past couple of years, I have done a fair bit of self-flagellation, to try to correct myself. I’m learning now that this doesn’t work. Healthy willpower seeks to harmonise opposing forces by making them run in tandem, not by obliterating first one and then the other.

Finally, The Chariot summarises how the Queen of of Pentacles shadow influence and The Emperor finally learned how to work together. Perhaps authority issues will be less prominent in my life now. I hope so.