2019 tarot year review free pdf download

The 2019 Tarot Year Review PDF – FREE Download

The 2019 Tarot Year Review PDF - FREE Download

How on earth are we nearly at the end of 2019 so soon?! And what a year it has been so far! Some of the highlights for me has been vast health improvements thanks to going on a high fat, low carb diet, the annual UK Tarot Conference (I’m the lady with the blue hair in THIS VIDEO) and starting End of Life Care studies at my local college. Nobody should have to die alone and we, as a society, must get over the taboo of talking about death and dying.

It’s been a 7 / Chariot Tarot Year Card year for me and I’ve felt an urgent need to improve the areas of my life that I felt were holding me back from achieving my full human potential. Health was a good place to start and I have no regrets in that area. I lost weight and basically cured a couple of ‘chronic’ health conditions thanks to dietary changes in combination with yoga and meditation.

If anything, I’ve gone overboard on a disciplined, staunch charioteer-like approach this year. Next year, an 8 / Strength year for me, is hopefully going to have more of a focus on playfulness and compassion. I’ll be 50 right at the start of the year too, so lots of reasons to celebrate and play more!

We are doing things a bit differently in this year’s Tarot Review booklet and I hope you will enjoy this new approach which allows more of a story to unfold. We also take a close look at both this and next year’s Tarot Year Cards. Feedback (kind words only haha!) on this new way of doing the year review is welcome!

What three events were highlights for you in 2019? Please share in the comments below!

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Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg

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