It is Monday , the moon stands in the zodiac sign Capricorn , waxing (2nd Quater)
Influencing powers of the day: element is earth, quality of the day cold day, part of plant root, apparatus bloodstream, body zone: bones, joints, knee, skin, color: blue, complementary color: red (yellow)


THE LOVERS (reversed) from the Dalí Tarot

Personal notes: I received my copy of the Dalí Tarot today, and I’m completely enchanted by the beautiful and quirky artwork. The picture included above simply doesn’t do the card justice. The gold looks drab in the digital copy.

The Lovers is all about making the right choices. This card often deals with choices in relationships, but not always… However, it is always about choosing the path of the higher love. Because the card is reversed, I know that I risk taking a wrong turn today unless I’m careful.

I pulled a second card to see what the choice might concern, and got the High Priestess. This means that I need to know when to speak and when to be silent. It also concerns my spiritual growth and learning.

What could I do better? What do I need to avoid? What signs am I not seeing? Do I need to turn down the volume, so that I can tune in to that still small voice in my heart?

Have I already taken a wrong turn, and should I try to make amends?

I have a lot to meditate on today.

On a more mundane level, I’ll have to make a choice about which driving instructor to go with soon. I finally took the first step and made some phone calls.