angelic tarot free readings

Free Angelic Tarot Readings

free angelic tarot readings

Yesterday, the angels guided me to start the new Angelorum Tarot Facebook page. I’ve committed to give away three readings, to three different people every week.

Sunday afternoon, I will post the reading thread for the following day. To get a free reading, all you have to do is comment with your question or state ‘general’ under the Free Readings post. On Tuesday, I select three people to read for using a random number generator. The readings will be in the comments on either Wednesday or Thursday.

You are welcome to ask more than one question but I will only read on one of them if you get selected for that week’s free readings. There is no limit to how many requests you can make in the following weeks, whether you received a reading or not.

These readings are all public and done on the Angelorum Tarot Free Readings Facebook page. For a more in-depth, private consultation (which includes a picture of the cards drawn), please book your reading HERE.

Make sure to click the three dots (…) in the upper right-hand corner on the Facebook page and choose the setting that allows you to get notified of future posts.

I look forward to reading for you!


Lisa Frideborg

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