Hello – This Is Your Heart Calling

It is Thursday, the moon stands in the zodiac sign Gemini, waning (3rd Quater)
Here are some influencing powers of the day: element is air, apparatus adenoids, quality of the day light day, part of plant blossom, body zone: lung, hands, arms, shoulder, color: yellow, complementary color: red/blue
Feels a bit strange to be blogging so late but it’s been another busy day.
On the homepathy course today we made our own homemade Bach Flower remedies. I used Rock Rose, Olive, Gentian and Impatiens in mine. Also, I received the remedies that Wendy sent through the post this morning – a special combination of Australian Flower drops that she put together for me, and the homeopathic remedy ‘Pink’.
My heart is talking to me through these remedies and through the 3 of Swords. ‘Listen to me’, it says… ‘…even when it hurts’. With the three of swords comes a tendency to intellectualize emotional hurts, which is on about the same efficiency level as trying to sweep them under the carpet. Emotions are much stronger than the intellect, and in the end everything just becomes all muddled up unless we accept our emotions.
‘Cry, little one – Let it out’.
I am not my emotions… but I embrace them.