My Kingdom for Some Dirt…

King of CoinsIt is Tuesday, the moon stands in the zodiac sign Taurus, waning (3rd Quater)

Here are some influencing powers of the day: element is earth, quality of the day cold day, part of plant root, apparatus bloodstream, body zone: voice/speech-organs, throat, ears, tonsils, neck, jaw, teeth, speech-organs, voice box, color: blue, complementary color: red (yellow)
CARD OF THE DAY – KING OF COINS Rx from The Swedish Witch Tarot
Keywords: Stability, roots, grounded, materialism, common sense.
I’ve been ungrounded and up in the air even in my dreams lately. Last night, I was entering a great stage as a member of the corps de ballet, and couldn’t remember a single step. My legs got twisted up in a very undignified manner and I nearly fell over…
What do I need? Some dirt on my hands – gardening would be ideal today. I do need to get some plants out from the flower beds… And maybe some nice drum beats while I go about my chores. My ‘Drumming the World’ CD should do the trick.
Today is not a good day for being ungrounded: I’ve got my second driving lesson coming up in just over half an hour. My guess is that the dream last night was brought on by driving lesson nerves… Arrggghhhh! I can do this
Let’s see what Jolanda den tredje says about magical exercises for the King of Coins… Right. She prescribes a Tiger’s Eye meditation with focus on the third eye, visualizing abundance coupled with responisble stewardship.
I think the reversed King of Coins needs to lighten up as well 🙂 Grumpy old git!