Plans, plans, plans…

7 of Swords - Plans

It is Friday , the moon stands in the zodiac sign Pisces , waxing (2nd Quater)
Here are some influencing powers of the day: element is water, apparatus nervous system, part of plant leaf, quality of the day water day, body zone: toes, feet, color: green, complementary color: purple, orange

CARD OF THE DAY – Seven of Swords (Rx) from the DruidCraft

The 7 of Swords is a card of strategy and planning. When it’s reversed, it may well be that I’m trying to bite off more than I can chew mentally… Or I have a feeling that I won’t be able to cope with all the things I want to accomplish… like getting my driver’s license, start advertising my services locally, teach a course etc.
The message is to clear out all the mental cobwebs and self-doubts first, and to follow my heart’s desire… to trust that when I’m inspired to do something I will also find the means to get it done, even if I can’t see my way yet. Watch the timing of events, be patient and do not attempt shortcuts.
Funnily enough this card is astrologically connected with the moon in Aquarius, which was only the other day, so I must have been influenced by that constellation… perhaps to a slightly higher degree because the moon is waxing, nearing full.