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The Runic Tarot by Jack Sephiroth (Not a review but a preview)

the runic tarot by jack sephiroth

This is a first for me. I have never blogged about a new deck release before I even received the deck before. However, the Runic Tarot by Jack Sephiroth is one deck that I’m so excited about that I literally cannot wait until I hold it in my hands! As I was sitting here this morning, drooling with anticipation, I decided to do a quick YouTube video search for The Runic Tarot to see if anybody had been able to review it early. Sure enough! Check out the video flip-through for the deck and book kit below. Personally, I didn’t feel a need to get the kit. I have the deck only on preorder.

Runic Tarot Flip-through by Luna Principe

Why I Need The Runic Tarot Deck in My Life

First of all, the artwork by Jack Sephiroth is absolutely gorgeous. From what I can gather from the video, it’s even more powerful than that of the artwork in the Heaven and Earth Tarot. I think some of the colours might be less muted. Let’s face it, the Aesir need colours that pack more of a punch!

I love the glowing runes that are present in the Minors as well, sometimes as bindrunes. I do wish they would have stuck only with the Elder Futhark runes but I can live with the fact that I’ll have to study up on the Younger/Anglo-Saxon rune rows as well. My favourite bindrune I’ve spotted so far is for the King of Wands. I look forward to exploring (and meditating) with more of them.

But the ultimate reason why I need this deck in my life is that it’s perfect for the path I find myself on now. I’m integrating my Norse heritage and love for the runes on my Esoteric Christian Path. This deck will certainly help me do just that. My view of the Tarot is that it brings us the very best of Western Esotericism in the neatest of packages. The Runes, on the other hand, bring us deep down into our shamanic roots and Earth energy. The influence of the runes is so much older than the Viking age. In fact, I think anybody who has truly made the connection with them would agree that they are as old as time itself.

Expect to See More of the Runic Tarot on Angelorum!

Hopefully, the Runic Tarot will arrive on or shortly after the 25 October UK release date. As soon as I have it, I promise to publish the Tarot deck interview. I will also feature this deck in the first week ahead readings I do after it arrives.


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