2022 tarotscopes

2022 Tarotscopes All Zodiac Signs

2022 tarotscopes all zodiac signs

Below you will find the 2022 tarotscopes for all Zodiac signs. We focus on a major theme for 2022, as well as the challenge and opportunity presented along with that theme. Each reading represents a snapshot of an important lesson for you in the year ahead. The deck used is the Original Rider Waite Tarot. Check the readings for both your Sun and Rising Sign!

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Aries Year Ahead Tarotscopes 2022


One of the themes highlighted in the year ahead: Heart-ache through break-up or how you choose to isolate yourself from others you deem ‘not worthy.’ In case of the latter, you need to examine your fear of love not being reciprocated. Your judgment that others are not worthy could be a projection of your own lack of self-worth.

Challenge associated with this theme: Trust issues and establishing healthy rather than isolationist personal boundaries. The challenge here is to not allow the past to dictate your future.

Opportunity associated with this theme: You have the power to completely change your circumstances and start over with a new, more expansive perspective. Understand that this has less to do with outer circumstances (though some of them are likely to change in your favour) and more to do with you being centred in your Essence.

Taurus Year Ahead Tarotscopes 2022


One of the themes highlighted in the year ahead: You may experience more work-related stress in 2022. Alternatively, you find yourself facing ever-changing financial circumstances. Either way, your ability to quickly adapt and make important decisions on the fly are being tested.

Challenge associated with this theme: Through it all, this is a year that will test your ability to persevere, keep calm and keep doing the work. Thankfully, perseverance is your forte. Though it won’t be easy, know that you will not be tested beyond your capabilities, nor will you face severe lack due to the changing circumstances. Your hard work will pay off.

Opportunity associated with this theme: In the end, you are likely to find yourself better off, thanks to your hard work and ability to persevere. Not only you but anybody dependent on you will benefit from this and your innate generosity. Giving freely of your abundance will open doors to opportunities late in the year and in 2023.

Gemini Year Ahead Tarotscopes 2022


One of the themes highlighted in the year ahead: 2022 is when you finally decide to do what you came here to do. You stop flitting from shiny object to shiny object and determine what your legacy will be. You also gain a sense of being more rooted and bear the wellbeing of future generations in mind. Finally, you hone your gifts and get to work. Some may not recognise you thanks to this newfound focus, and some may even tell you to ‘ligthen up.’

Challenge associated with this theme: Your challenge is to stand your ground against anybody who doesn’t like how your alignment with your life purpose is changing you. This is especially important with any people who try to make you doubt yourself or the goals you have set for yourself.

Opportunity associated with this theme: You absolutely can do what you set your mind to do. This year is likely to bring you work-related success and recognition, provided you take the guidance above on board.

Cancer Year Ahead Tarotscopes 2022


One of the themes highlighted in the year ahead: The Star sees you connecting more with the Bigger Picture and seeing your role as larger than just being there for your inner circle. Your sense of connection to other groups of people and even spirit beings is likely to expand in ways that are helpful to you as well as those you associate yourself with. Know that your purpose in this lifetime is to bring hope and optimism to the world.

Challenge associated with this theme: It’s important that you write down any ideas you have. Some kind of innovation that can help humanity at this important juncture is gestating inside you. You must be ready to birth this idea and give it form.

Opportunity associated with this theme: You can literally graduate from Earth School upon successful completion of the task at hand. This is your chance to crown yourself, fully embodied and shining your love-light into the world. Is this true of all Cancerians? Certainly not. But you are here, reading this so it applies to you.

Leo Year Ahead Tarotscopes 2022


One of the themes highlighted in the year ahead: Authority and sovereignty are big themes for you in 2022. For some of you, this will no doubt mean doing shadow work to revisit any father issues that are causing you to have wonky relationships with authority figures or to doubt yourself and your own authority.

Challenge associated with this theme: The 7 of Wands is a Mars in Leo energy card, so this is you actively embodying and expressing your Leo-ness for your own benefit. Your Sun sign is not necessarily what comes automatically but represents the set of characteristics you came here to embody for your Higher Learning in this life-time. This year, you are called to dig deep into that set of characteristics and shake that wild lion’s mane of yours with pride.

Opportunity associated with this theme: As you get to know yourself, as well as your own strengths and weaknesses, you will find greater clarity. You will also be able to express yourself in ways that earn the respect of others who will experience you as the wiser and more mature version of yourself.

Virgo Year Ahead Tarotscopes 2022


One of the themes highlighted in the year ahead: You are either revisiting your past in 2022, or your past is revisiting you. Either way, a journey will be involved. Bear in mind that you are not meant to regress back into the past from this reconnection (which could be with an ex or an estranged family member). This is happening for you so that you can move forward and start feeling more connected. This past situation made you feel restricted and also made you shrink your life in some way. This is coming to an end now.

Challenge associated with this theme: The challenge here is definitely to become more future-oriented. It’s time to draw a line under the past and to hone a vision of where you are heading next. You may not know exactly what it is you wish to manifest but you need to know on at least the feeling level. For instance, you may realise that you need more freedom to explore and experiment than you allowed yourself in the past.

Opportunity associated with this theme: Your imagination can be liberated and your heart chakra can expand to embrace more of life’s beauty and opportunities now that you no longer hem yourself in. This is a wonderful and magical way to turn to a new chapter in 2022!

Libra Year Ahead Tarotscopes 2022


One of the themes highlighted in the year ahead: This is a wonderful year for any Librans out there seeking to improve your career, or expand into new lines of work, especially if you are in a position to teach or coach others. The theme is one of stepping into your power and taking full responsibility for everything you create in life, especially with regards to work and money.

Challenge associated with this theme: The main challenge associated with this theme is to learn how to sell/market yourself. You being you, must do this without any of the ‘sleaze’ associated with marketing and this can be the year when you nail how to do it your way, to attract just the right people, associates, clients and opportunities.

Opportunity associated with this theme: This could turn into the year where you establish yourself at the very top as a trusted advisor/coach/expert/teacher. The more of yourself that you show to the world, the greater this opportunity.

Scorpio Year Ahead Tarotscopes 2022


One of the themes highlighted in the year ahead: Romance and/or matters of the heart is the big theme highlighted for you by Spirit in 2022. This could be the year you begin the romance of lifetime, or it could be the year where you finally fall helplessly in love with yourself (in a good, non-narcissistic way). Either way, you are on a quest for love this year… and you are not alone. Many spirits who wish for your Highest Good are waiting to help you on this quest.

Challenge associated with this theme: Because the challenge here is to free yourself from fear so that you can free your heart completely, you have so many allies in the astral realm wishing to help you now. The challenge is to connect with those allies and to resist connecting with the creatures of darkness that feed on your fear. Keep raising your vibration. I’m obviously not talking about spiritual bypass here but there is a war on your soul this year and you really have to choose your allies carefully. Your high vibration attracts the right ones.

Opportunity associated with this theme: A soul alchemy process so profound that you become perfectly aligned with unconditional love. This is the ascent from the scorpionic form of Scorpio, all the way to dove, via eagle.

Sagittarius Year Ahead Tarotscopes 2022


One of the themes highlighted in the year ahead: Getting the work-life balance right is a major theme for you in 2022, dear Sagittarius. You often take on way too much and you do it with great enthusiasm initially. It’s only further down the line, when you get bogged down with the details of your grand vision(s) that you lose some or all of that enthusiasm. Understanding what your strengthens and weaknesses are will help you not bit off more than you can chew. The trick is learning to delegate.

Challenge associated with this theme: For any new project you begin this year, you need to make sure you are networking with the right people. The right people may not all be grand visionaries like you. They need to understand and be favourably disposed toward your vision, for sure. However, they also need to have an eye for detail, as well as the willingness to lend a hand in whatever way needed. You need to surround yourself wtih doers. This will make it much easier to delegate whenever you feel yourself going into overwhelm.

Opportunity associated with this theme: Following the guidance above, you will be able to play more in 2022, rather than being stuck in an all work and no play scenario. Let’s face it, if life doesn’t feel like a fun and grand adventure, you won’t be happy.

Capricorn Year Ahead Tarotscopes 2022


One of the themes highlighted in the year ahead: Empathy and unconditional love create a unified theme of emotional maturity for you in 2022. You very likely seek to deveop these qualities within and will also be drawn to others who express these same qualities. Your work will probably reflect these developments, perhaps even more than your relationships. This is not so strange considering that work is the love language of many Capricorns.

Challenge associated with this theme: Finding fairness and reciprocity may prove challenging as you navigate the waters of unconditional love. You may attract your fair share of takers but don’t let this deter you. Eventually, water seeks its own level and you will find your tribe. Also, everything you do give will come back to you, one way or another–This is Universal Law.

Opportunity associated with this theme: Opening your heart to greater levels of love will also lead to increased self-love and a love for your inner child. This will quite organically lead to more playfulness and even exuberance. You could begin to age in reverse if and when this happens. You will definitely tap into greater energy reserves once you let love in!

Aquarius Year Ahead Tarotscopes 2022


One of the themes highlighted in the year ahead: The Aquarius Knight of Swords is on a quest for truth and he is showing up here to reveal that you are to be one of the Wayshowers in the Age of Aquarius. You have always been on a quest for truth and now you get to shine your light for others. This is not an easy path you have chosen for yourself in this lifetime. You are pioneering new thought paradigms for humanity and this is a costly pursuit if you have any form of ego-attachment.

Challenge associated with this theme: Ego-mortification, simply put. This is a path of initiation for you. In 2022, you will be able to shed many layers of programming that no longer serve you.

Opportunity associated with this theme: Diving deeper into your own truth can unlock connections on the astral plane and help you develop your psychic gifts.

Pisces Year Ahead Tarotscopes 2022


One of the themes highlighted in the year ahead: Moving on from being mired in your emotions to greater clarity and objectivity. For some Pisces natives, this will happen thanks to travelling and the accompanying change of perspective this brings. However, travel can take place in the inner realms as well. Hence, daily meditation can no doubt lead to similar breakthroughs. If you have been suffering from anxiety, you may be able to find solutions and fixes to that.

Challenge associated with this theme: The main challenge this year is to learn to deatch. Not everything is black or white. If you can, try looking at any argument as objectively as possible from both sides. This will serve you much better than emotionally taking sides instantly. Greater levels of discernment will follow. This, in turn, will help you with healthy boundaries int he future. Many of your past problems that you can begin moving on from now have been due to loose or non-existent personal boundaries.

Opportunity associated with this theme: A brand new perspective on what love actually is can be born this year. Non-attached compassion allows you to love unconditionally without harm to yourself, and without having to sacrifice yourself on behalf of others. Enjoy this newfound freedom!

Happy New Year, my friends!


Lisa Frideborg

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