August Tarotscopes 2021

August Tarotscopes

Check your Sun and Rising sign Tarotscopes for August 2021 below. We are working with The Muse Tarot and the Dragon Wisdom Oracle.

Aries August Tarotscope

August Tarotscopes 2021 Aries

Dear Aries, you are being prepared for taking on a greater leadership role this month. You may not be sure exactly what this will look like. It’s important to seek guidance and inspiration from people who have already proven themselves to be worthy and inspiring leaders. Yes, you will still be doing your own thing – Don’t worry!

However, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. You just need to become very clear about which strategy you are going to implement and then the fun can begin!

Doing a clear-out of old things, stale relationships, and routines that keep you stuck in a rut will be beneficial. You lead best when you feel free and unencumbered. The Leo Knight of Inspiration (Wands) suggests that this is also a good time for a break. When you come back, it will be easier to see what needs clearing out.

Taurus August Tarotscope

August Tarotscopes 2021 Taurus

It’s time to assert yourself, dear Taurus. You’ve been beholden to your loved ones and sacrificed much because of that. Now it’s your turn. You don’t exist just to please others or to help them out. You have your own unique individuality that needs to be expressed in creative ways.

That doesn’t mean you were wrong to help friends and family or that you should never help them again but, as of August, it will no longer be your central focus.

This month, you are starting a journey of self-discovery – one that could very well lead to a brand new career. Invest in yourSELF and your education and expect a bountiful yield!

Gemini August Tarotscope

August Tarotscopes 2021 Gemini

Dear Gemini, you have an extraordinary mind but it sometimes gets all tangled up. This message is especially for those of you experiencing creative blocks or who are constantly comparing your own achievements to those of others.

It’s time to move to higher and ground and it’s time to so through a daily spiritual practice that aligns your mind with your spirit. Try this guided 15-minute morning prayer and meditation if you are stuck for options.

What others are doing and whether they are successful in doing it or not need not be a concern of yours. Simply focus on being the best version of yourSELF. Then strive to overcome any limitations – whether self-imposed or imposed by others through faith and grace.

Cancer August Tarotscope

August Tarotscopes 2021 Cancer

The Black Dragon has shown up to help shine a light on any deeper layers of fear lurking in the shadows of your psyche. Emotional detox is needed for you in August. It’s not going to be easy but you will soon realise it is so very worth it. In order to do this work, you will need to put some activities on hold. Your full attention will be required.

It’s especially beneficial to look closely at feelings of shame and guilt. Try to understand why you are still carrying this heavy luggage around. Then ask the Black Dragons to help you see exactly where the hurt comes from and what you are truly afraid of deep down. Expect answers to come and they will.

Once this work has been completed and the feelings of guilt and shame have been released, you will have regained your flexibility and resilience. After a period of stillness and a deep-dive within your psyche follows a time of moving forward and ‘business’ again in the outside world. In fact, expect things to speed up rather a lot toward the end of the month.

Leo August Tarotscope

August Tarotscopes 2021 Leo

We’re in Leo Month and it’s your time to shine, dear Leo! Don’t hold back and don’t be afraid to start something new.

You may feel a need to choose between one form of self-expression or another but you can totally do more than one thing. The more ways you express yourself, the better!

And the more you play and have fun expressing yourself, the clearer the path before you will become. Rather than having a definite goal in sight and working toward that goal, simply enjoy a multitude of ways of expressing yourself in August.

Sure, there may be times of confusion but don’t overthink. Get stuck in with your paints or put some music on and dance. Your creativity is the key that unlocks the next door you need to step through.

Virgo August Tarotscope

August Tarotscopes 2021 Virgo

For a while now, it’s not felt safe for you out there in the world. You’ve kept yourself to yourself in true Virgo/Hermit stile. However your world is about to open up and you need to prepare yourself.

The old you is not dying, she’s maturing into the fulness of her expression. On the way, you may discover that some old habits are no longer a good fit. You may even decide to choose a new name for yourself (whether you share that name with anyone is up to you). You will also discover that it is safe for you to start having new adventures again.

Thanks to your previous caution, you have the funds to start enjoying life again and that is exactly what the cards are asking you to do. Put to one side your dusty old hermit’s cloak. Soak in a ritual cleansing bath and put your best frock on. Then do the thing you’ve been putting off doing. NOW is the time!

Libra August Tarotscope

August Tarotscopes 2021 Libra

Dear Libra, what are you truly passionate about? Because this is where you need to focus all of your energy in August.

Leo season brings many opportunities for career expansion for you. This is especially true if you are doing creative work. Though this is the holiday season for many, work won’t actually feel like work for you this month. You’ll be in a state of flow so regularly that you may need to set your alarm to remember to eat.

Expect absolutely clarity about your life purpose this month if you keep following your heart and doing more of what you love. This is a wonderful month to set new plans in motion.

We live in challenging times. But unlike the majority, you look at the future with great optimism now and your ability to see the opportunities instead of the obstacles is off the charts. Go Libra!

Scorpio August Tarotscope

August Tarotscopes 2021 Scorpio

Oh, Scorpio! This is such a wonderful month for you. Your deep feeling nature will find resonance in a community of likeminded souls. You will feel seen and understand and for some of you this is also the month that brings a new life partner in. This won’t be a casual affar but someone you settle down with, possibly for the rest of your life.

This other person will see and appreciate you for all that you are, including for the scars that you carry. They honour your battle wounds and you do the same for them. You have both reached a more forgiving way of navigating love and relationships thanks to all that you have been through.

Expect truly nurturing companionship from now on and if it hasn’t manifested quite yet, now is the time to set that intention. You are read and you have the scars to prove it!

Sagittarius August Tarotscope

August Tarotscopes 2021 Sagittarius

Your creativity levels are very much tied in with the health of your physical body, dear Saggie. This month you may well have a bit of an epiphany about needing to take a closer look at how you nourish your physical body.

There may be tweaks you could do to your hydration levels as well as to what you put into your body for fuel. Try your best to eath high-energy lightfilled foods, fresh and locally sourced if at all possible. It could be time to look at lowering the amount of stimulants and toxins you put into your system too for better mind-body-spirit balance.

Finally, the Green Dragon is nudging you to make sure you stay grounded. There are practical matters that may take precedence over your creativity or desire to just be free to party. Be clever about it and get those out of the way quickly to free up more time for socialising and creative pursuits.

August is all about better balance and physical health. So take extra good care of your body and then it will look after your mind and your emotions.

Capricorn August Tarotscope

August Tarotscopes 2021 Capricorn

You are dealing with an emotional lag in August so please be gentle with yourself, dear Capricorn. Very few of the old normal things or relationships are still intact. This is difficult for your grounded Earth Element self to accept.

Nothing is in its right place anymore and it doesn’t sit well with you. Also, knowing that no authorities can be trusted is making you have to revisit lessons around authority once more. Try to not get too down in the dumps about it all.

Ask for help and don’t isolate yourself inside a bubble of despair. We all have to process our feelings of loss as the old normal fades away but there is not much point in wallowing. The process of grief can eventually lead to acceptance. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to accept their ‘New Normal’ – It means that once you have accepted that things won’t ever be the same you can regain your sense of freedom and from there you can begin rebuilding your immediate environment in a way that works for you.

Aquarius August Tarotscope

August Tarotscopes 2021 Aquarius

Everything you need to get started is in place, dear Aquarius. If you are usually an ideas person and not so worried about those ideas manifesting, you’ll definitely change tack this month. It’ll be all about manifesting!

But you’re not manifesting something ordinary. It’s something that is very much for the Highest Good and that also has the potential to bring you great emotional satisfaction. The reason is that you’re using all your skills and talents exactly how they were intended to use. And you are not doing it simply for personal gain but to bring practical solutions to long-standing issues or problems.

While it’s safe to say that many people will benefit from your enterprising spirit, perhaps more surprising is the positive emotional impact being of service this way will have on you. The work you do will change you fundamentally. It’s all good and everybody wins!

Pisces August Tarotscope

August Tarotscopes 2021 Pisces

You often find yourself inspired by new ideas and concepts. You love to imagine how implementing some of these ideas might work out but you do not always buckle down and do the work. Why is that, dear Pisces?

The cards point to issues around self-worth and doubting your ability to bring projects to completion. Now is the time to release this self-doubt and instead just get on with the work. And yes, it may end up looking totally different to how you imagined it in your mind but that’s not the point here. Besides, you can always have a do-over until you get it just so.

The point is that you need to overcome the inertia that comes from doubting your worth. Also, please remember that your self-worth is not dependent on the outcome. It’s in the trying. It’s in the getting back up after you have fallen down. And it’s in waking up each morning saying, ‘Okay, let’s do this!’ and to keep saying this until it’s done.

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