january tarotscope for capricorn 2022

Capricorn January Tarotscope 2022

capricorn january tarotscope

Capricorn January Tarotscope 2022

This is the Capricorn January Tarotscope for Capricorn Sun and Rising signs. The deck used is the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

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Is this what it looks like with Pluto still in Capricorn? Quite possibly. The past couple of years has not been easy. But you have set a steady course and kept plodding on, which is exactly what you will keep doing at the start of 2022. January looks like a month with a heavy work emphasis for you. ‘No rest for the wicked,’ springs to mind.

The challenge is to delegate and to learn to say no. People know they can rely on you so you are often the first person they turn to when they need a hand with something. That’s fine. But it’s equally great to say no if you know there’s not enough of you to go around at the moment. Also, be disciplined enough to pencil in both some downtime and some time to start having a bit more fun again. The work-life balance will easily get out of whack in January otherwise.

The Queen of Wands here feels like a pat on the back from the Universe. Your reward for all your hard work may be nothing more than increased confidence levels but to a Capricorn who is often very harsh on themselves, this is one of the best rewards imaginable. It’s time to turn your gaze to your appearance so that the increased level of confidence is reflected there!


Lisa Frideborg

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